Sadhguru says, "There is so much adventure that only a youth can experience. Youth is not the time to languish in pleasure – youth is the time for exploration and adventure."


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Sadhguru: A lot of young people nowadays are taking to yoga and meditation. Youth means it is humanity in the making, yet to become, they are on the way. This is a tremendous possibility because they are in the making, they can shape themselves in whichever manner they want. Youth comes with a tremendous amount of energy. This is the time when they can construct themselves into either the most beautiful human beings or into ugly human beings – a tremendous possibility or a disaster.

When there is a young person in the family, the older people are nervous because the possibility of this youth becoming a wonderful human being and the possibility of him becoming a total disaster are right there every day staring at you. This causes fear in the older people because it is still in the making. So a young person means that he is still willing to change, which is a wonderful possibility.

Tremendous energy and intelligence flowers with youthfulness. At the same time, their intelligence could get hijacked by their hormones. That is the main problem with youth.

Suddenly they can’t think any other way. If only youth are taught not to shun it because it is a part of their life, yet have the necessary awareness to stay a little beyond these compulsions within themselves with a little more consciousness and awareness, they are a great possibility. Otherwise, youth can be very compulsive. If they become a little more conscious, we have a great future for this humanity.