Sadhguru on touching the dimension of intelligence, known as chitta, which is unsullied by memory. If you touch that, he says, everything that is needed will simply happen in the best way for you.

Sadhguru: What you call as your body and your mind are a certain accumulation of memory. It is because of memory – or you can call it information – that your body has taken the particular shape that it has. For example, if a man eats a piece of bread, the bread becomes a man. If a woman eats it, it becomes a woman. If a dog eats the same bread, it becomes a dog. That’s a smart piece of bread! No, it is not the bread but the kind of memory that one’s system carries that transforms bread into a man, woman or dog.


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Your very existence is an accumulation of memory. If we take away all the memory, you will cease to exist. This is what people mean when they talk about karma nashana – if you destroy all memory, the very being ceases to exist. That is a state of mukti because you are free from existence – you don’t have to exist anymore because your very existence is memory.

Intelligence Free From Memory

Yet, there is a dimension of intelligence within you that is free, unsullied by memory. In yoga, we call this chitta. If you touch this dimension of intelligence, you can live in this entire edifice built of past memory, but you can be free of it, untouched by it. You can remain in such a way that this memory, which gives you a certain physical and psychological structure, has no influence on you.

If these aspects of life do not come into the experience of individual human beings, they will naturally seek other means for excitement. If people are not offered a way to engineer themselves the way they want to be – joyful and blissful – drink and drug will become the biggest phenomena on the planet. It is already becoming so. It has already become prevalent in the West, and it is becoming very big in urban India too. In another seventy to eighty years' time, if we do not sweep the world with a logically correct, scientifically verifiable spiritual process, I would say 90% of human beings will be on drink and drug – chemical solutions to keep themselves pleasant.

Larger Slice of Life

This will happen because every human being is trying to have a larger slice of life. Whether someone goes to the temple or the bar, whether someone gets doped out or meditates, they are essentially looking for a larger slice of life. The question is only about what is sustainable. If you want human beings to have a phenomenal experience within, but without causing damage to themselves, you have to turn them inward. Turning inward can mean many things. One simple way of understanding it is that you touch chitta – that dimension of intelligence which is the very basis of your making. There is no such thing as your chitta and my chitta. It is just there. The question is whether you as an individual have access to it. This is not yours or mine. This is a cosmic intelligence – the source of creation.

Chitta is keeping you alive, keeping you going and making life happen. If you access this dimension that is the linking point to one’s consciousness, you don’t even have to wish or dream for anything. The best possible thing that can happen to you will anyway happen to you. When people touch this dimension, in yoga, the yogis have a mischievous way of expressing it. It is said “God will become your slave.” He works for you from now on. You don’t even have to wish for what you want in your life. Everything that is needed will simply happen in the best possible way. Your life in the hands of an intelligence beyond you.

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