A healthy body is something that we all wish for, but not everybody has one. Here’s some good news – Sadhguru tells us that no matter how badly we might have messed it up, there is still an opportunity to fix our system using various means. Sound is one of these means – the kind we hear and the kind we utter. In the first of a two-part series, Sadhguru looks at the various dimensions of the human system and the role of sound in nurturing (or damaging) it.

Read in Hindi: वाक् शुधि

Sadhguru: If the process of knowing and perceiving subtler dimensions of life has to happen, one needs to prepare the body, mind, chemistry, neurological system and energy system. One should have a vibrant physical body, the neurological system should be alive and vibrant, the pranic system should be fully active and balanced, and the mind should be like a stepping stone, not a big barrier.


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How many lifetimes will it take to prepare? It depends how messed up you are. The nervous system could be seriously impaired because of the way one lives and the kind of chemistry that you are developing within yourself. But even if you are terribly messed up, if you have constantly generated the wrong chemistry and it has eaten into your nervous system, or you also took some outside help and put chemicals into the system and badly damaged it, even then, if you are willing to give it an absolute attempt, within this lifetime it is possible almost for everyone, except those who have been pathologically damaged. They may need more time. For others, it is only a question of priority. Is your investment 21 minutes a day or 21 hours a day or somewhere in between? Depending on that, it is very much possible. Only because it is a possibility, it is worth talking about and making an effort. If there was no possibility, there is no point in all this.

The Right Kind of Sounds

Your system can be tuned to regenerate itself with the right kind of food, posture, breathing, attitude, thoughts and emotions. And, uttering the right kind of words and hearing the right kind of sounds are also important to cultivate a nervous system that is sensitive to life around you. Have you noticed that when you hear jarring sounds for a few hours, like automobiles or machines, you can’t perceive much even about the simple things around you. Another day, you were just sitting at home, listening to some classical music. That day your neurological system was bright and alert and could perceive things much more easily.

If you consciously take care of these things to whatever extent possible, or at least if you are conscious about which noise is damaging your system and which is nurturing your system, you will purify the sounds that you utter. Maybe you cannot stop the guy who is screaming next to you, but at least you can purify the sound that you utter, because the maximum impact on you is the sounds that you utter.

Vak Shuddhi

What type of sounds you utter are most important. This is called Vak Shuddhi. Vak Shuddhi does not mean saying nice things. It means uttering the right sounds. Whatever sound you need to utter, utter it in such a way that it is beneficial for you. And whatever is beneficial for you will naturally be beneficial for everyone around you. If a sound is doing wonderful things to you, it will definitely do the same things to everyone around you.

Sound is an important part, so is food, so is thought, so is emotion, and the practice or sadhana to keep the energies balanced. If one takes care of this, gradually you will nurture a body that is capable of perceiving.

Editor’s Note: Read the second part of this post, where Sadhguru elaborates on Vak Shuddhi and how to maintain it.