Sadhguru explains the nature of a blessing and why people seek them.

Q: Sadhguru, I’ve seen people being blessed by saints and yogis. What is a blessing exactly?

Sadhguru: Anyone saying, “all the best to you”, is not a blessing; it is just a wish. A wish is just a hope. It is not substantiated by anything. It is just a nice thought. A blessing is not a thought or emotion. A blessing is a piece of energy. If you have made yourself fluid enough – so that you are not a burnt pot – if you are just loose energy, then you can take a little bit of that and give. If you are a properly burnt pot, you can’t take anything out of it because it is crystallized. A blessing is not a thought or an emotion. It is something that hastens you. It is like fuel in the car! If you put fuel into the tank, you can move. If you have to push your car and go, it is a long way home. If you have fuel in the tank, you can get there in no time. Whatever the distance, it’s no big deal.


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A blessing is not a thought or an emotion. It is something that hastens you.

But if you are somebody who enjoys a parked car, a moving car is dangerous. A lot of people have chosen to live in a parked car. Morning becomes afternoon; afternoon becomes evening; evening becomes night. Fall becomes winter; winter becomes spring; spring becomes summer; and then autumn again. It looks like you are going somewhere because there is so much change in scenery. It’s exciting enough. But if you are a little loony – if you are willing to risk it and go a certain distance, then you drive a car. A parked car is a damn safe car. You could live there very well. It’s just that you don’t go anywhere. But if you want to go somewhere, you need fuel. And that’s what a blessing is.

Unfortunately, most people refuse it when it comes to them because they don’t realize it is a blessing. They expect that a blessing means it will always come in a particular way. No. Especially when it comes from me, it comes in so many ways that you have not imagined. It is always packaged in ways you don’t usually expect.

Unusual Packages

It happened in Michigan last winter, a tiny little bird enjoyed the fall time a little too much and didn’t start its journey south early enough. It started a little late in the winter and tried to fly out, and just froze and fell down. A cow was passing that way and dropped a heap of dung, and the dung fell right over the bird. The warmth of the dung slowly defrosted the bird, and he started feeling good. He started tweeting happily because he had recovered from a frozen state. A cat was going that way. It heard the tweet, looked around and saw the tweet was coming from inside the dung. So he pulled the bird out of the dung and ate him up.

You don’t know how a blessing will come. That is why you must keep all the windows and doors open.

What you need to understand is, whoever heaps you up in shit need not necessarily be your enemy. Whoever pulls you out of shit need not necessarily be your friend. And above all, when you are in a heap of shit, learn to keep your mouth shut!

You don’t know how a blessing will come. That is why you must keep all the windows and doors open. It gets packaged in so many different ways. If it is packaged in obvious ways, it will go waste. It doesn’t do the same as when a blessing enters you without you thinking it is a blessing. So it is always packaged in most unusual ways. It is a question of creativity!

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