In an interview with CNBC-TV18, Sadhguru speaks about the various initiatives and policies of the current Indian government.

Q: Your views on government's initiatives like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Yoga Day?


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Sadhguru: Swachh Bharat and Yoga Day, these are not separate things. I am really glad that our national leader is thinking about these things and wants this to happen because in the last few centuries, we have not seen any leader talking about how you should be within yourself. Certain nations have done this but we have not done this in this country. It is time to do it. If we really want to progress, if we want to be a success, individual human being must be organised.

Q: Let me come to another theme which is a recurrent one in the economy – farm distress. Two successive years of bad monsoon and one unseasonal rain has only compounded the problem. What would you advise the government?

Sadhguru: In the next 10-15 years, if we do not reduce the number of people involved in farming, you will only drive them to suicide or even worse things will happen. In the United States only two percent is involved in farming, but there, the land and mechanization is different. Our land and crops are of a different nature. Let us allow up to 25 percent. What do we do with the remaining 50 percent of the population? Move them to Mumbai? That will be a disaster. So, we have to urbanise rural India. We are always thinking of huge cities, smart cities. No. We need to urbanise rural India. Things that are available in a city should become available in the village.

Q: The other thing that the government, not just this one but the previous government also, started this initiative to involve corporate participants in nation building through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Is that the way to go?

Sadhguru: I am not so much for asking people to do philanthropy because no activity can be sustained for long periods of time if it is not beneficial to both the parties. Instead of that, we should make a law – say 10 percent of one's business must be in rural India, it must be relevant for rural people. You must invest 10 percent of your profit in rural businesses and no one would mind if you make money out of it, but you must do business across the country, not just focus in one place.

Q: What is your advice to people who normally watch our channels (CNBC-TV18)? People who watch our channels are those who want to use their surplus money to make more money. I guess the Morgan Stanley Investor Conference is also about people who take other people’s money and try to help them make more money. What is the advice?

Sadhguru: When you say an investment, in one way, you are throwing your money out. You are hoping it will rain money but it may or may not. So you should be able to see judiciously. Is there a perfect way of making this judgment? No. But if you had a keener sense of perception, you would definitely make better investments.

In the investment market, people who know all the statistics and details need not necessarily make the best investment. There are some people who have a very astute sense of perception. Those people make the best investments across the world. I have seen and I have spoken to many of them. I see what they have is not just information but also a certain sense of perception. Perception is not just about the market trends or about what the people want. You must talk to people at least, you must look at people’s lifestyles, what the youth want, what the women want, what somebody else wants and what is their population and what will they buy or sell tomorrow morning. If you look at this you know where to invest.

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