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Sadhguru reads a story: After the Kurukshetra war, Krishna falls asleep and dreams of men and women coming in endless processions, talking about their dharma. After each one explains to Krishna what their dharma is, he comments on it and lets them pass, except one man who comes smelling like lemon leaves, with a smirk on his face and well-oiled hair, and says, “All dharma is illusion. I eat, drink, and enjoy myself as I like. My body is my only shrine; the pleasures of the flesh are my rituals of worship. Beyond them there is nothing; after me there is nothing.” Krishna responds, “You are the child of a demon. I shall never forgive you, and I will not let you pass.”

Questioner: Sadhguru, the people whom Krishna let pass were either exploiters or exploited, but this person whom he does not let pass seems to be neither. So why did he not pass?


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Sadhguru: Dharma is not about social laws. Your ideas of right and wrong are social in nature, but being in disharmony with creation is a different matter. Your definitions of what is exploitation, help, love, and compassion are all social ideas. Just go to a local farmer and tell him, “You must be compassionate to the land that you are plowing.” He will not understand what you are talking about. He will plow strong, not compassionately, because that is the way it works. If you plow compassionately, nothing will grow.

Sweetness of life is not a goal by itself but a necessary condition for you to flower. This life flowers only when it tastes sweetness.

Environmentalists may be talking about loving the earth and being compassionate to the earth, without ever even walking barefoot or being in touch with Mother Earth. I am saying there is a disconnect between life and creation. Life is creation, and the Creator is embedded in life – you cannot really separate it. When you are creating a separation, you suffer – not because of any social codes. You may think that someone is not a good man, but they may be living a much better life than you.

In this story, Krishna as a person is sleeping, and he is allowing existence to speak through him. He says, “Suffering and lack of growth will happen because of the disconnect, not because of your ideas of good and bad. If you are disconnected from the creation and the Creator, it will leave you stranded.” He is saying that because you are disconnected, you will not pass. If you think that there is nothing else other than you and your body, you are lost.

The sweetness of life will yield not because you are smart, but because you are linked with existence. Sweetness of life is not a goal by itself but a necessary condition for you to flower. This life flowers only when it tastes sweetness. If the roots of life within you do not taste the sweetness of life, it will remain barren. Krishna is saying in that context, “You are disjointed from the life source, and you think you are everything by yourself, so you cannot pass.” It is not that Krishna has to stop him from passing. In the very nature of things, he cannot pass.

To be continued...

Editor's Note:  This article first appeared in the February 2021 issue of Isha Forest Flower. Click here to explore the all-new Isha Forest Flower!

The articles of this series are based on talks by Sadhguru during the Mahabharat program at the Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, in February 2012. Guided by Sadhguru, participants went on a mystical exploration into the wisdom of this immortal saga, through music, dance, and spiritual processes.

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