The mega event in Jaipur definitely stood out, as it was attended by the largest number of people outside Tamil Nadu. Nearly 12,000 colorfully dressed Rajasthanis filled the JECC stadium waving their Rally for Rivers placards fervently – a desert state knows the value of water, indeed.

Rich in culture, heritage, valour, this parched land, witness to the drying of the splendid Saraswati river, the mightiest of all rivers, welcomed the rally in exuberance.

The opening number of Mame Khan “Welcome to Rajasthan” warmed the hearts of all the rally participants and was another reminder of the overwhelming hospitality of Rajasthan. Sung with élan and full of joy, the other folk songs from the Sufi poets of Sindh and Rajasthan had the entire hall grooving. We had the pleasure of enjoying the combo of SOI and Rajasthan Roots before during Mahashivaratri, and this time it was once again a total delight to have them on stage.

“I personally, and also on behalf of people of Rajasthan welcome the Rally’s stopover in Jaipur, reminding us again of our resolution to address the water situation in Rajasthan,” were the opening remarks of the Honorable Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. “We will ensure that Sadhguru and all the people coming from the ashram and rally participants traveling with him will remember this one-night stop at Rajasthan for a long time,” the CM Rajeji resounded.

Sadhguru appreciated the efforts of her government’s effort in solving the water problems in Rajasthan, and motivated them to take it forward on a war footing in the next 3 years. He asked the men of Rajasthan to come forward and help the government in this crucial work. At this moment, the CM Vasundhara Raje, who was incidentally sworn in as CM on Women’s Day, prompted Sadhguru from behind to invite the women as well to join in. Amused, Sadhguru announced her wish as well.
The famous CARTIST of Rajasthan, who creates artwork on automobiles, painted Rajasthani traditional motifs on Sadhguru’s and other rally cars.

“It is an honor to drive into Punjab on Shaheed Bhagat Singh Jayanti,” Sadhguru tweeted as he was leaving for the next event in Chandigarh late afternoon.


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