Q: I used to travel in public transport. I used to prefer to sit in the window seat. But in Mumbai, while sitting in the window seat, when we look outside, we can see the track where there is toilet activity in the mornings. But even in the slum areas we can see dish antennas there, yet they do not have proper toilets and things. People are having wealth, but they are not using it for the proper purpose. How are we to bring discipline to people?

Sadhguru: I do not think it is a question of discipline. It is a question of being able to provide the needed infrastructure for 1.2 billion people. I think it is a question of unbridled reproduction. It is simply impossible to provide anything for such a massive population – which continues to grow without any reason.

I want you to understand this. India as a nation, we neither have enough land, water, scenery – though they have scenic bathrooms, as you say – nor even a piece of sky for 1.2 billion people. Our current population is the essence of all the problems we have across the planet. At the beginning of the 20th century, human population was around 1.6 billion people. Today, we are over 7.2 billion people. In 100 years, we have grown more than four times over. It is irresponsible reproduction. Just because our food system, our survival process and other things are better organized and our medical science is doing better than ever before, this does not mean you have to reproduce yourself to death. Not just death, to annihilation.


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Today, people talk about ecological problems and saving the planet. You do not have to do anything to save the planet. All that is needed is, every government, every institution, whoever is in leadership, if we aim at reducing human populations by about 30 to 40% in the next 50 to 60 years, which can easily be done, all your problems are over. All of us can live well. At least the next generation can live well.

Issues of Infrastructure

Right now, with 1.2 billion people in our country, there is not enough infrastructure. You have to attend to the call of nature somewhere. If you were living on a farm, you could attend to it in your field. That is good for the farm. It is organic. But that does not work in a city. Instead of looking at it in disgust, we need to build the necessary infrastructure. People need to invest in toilets. And above all, we have to see how to reduce our population.

Instead of looking at it in disgust, we need to build the necessary infrastructure. People need to invest in toilets.

By 2050, the United Nations has projected that there will be 9.6 billion people on the planet. With 9.6 billion people, even if your stock market shoots to 40,000, you will still not be doing well, I want you to know. They say every citizen on this planet in 2050 will be living with 40% less resource than right now. When I say resource, I am talking about food, water, air – 40% less. I can imagine your grandchildren's level of health and wellbeing. It does not matter how much wealth you have, there will be no wellbeing.

I think all responsible people in society have to stand up and speak about this, because it is disastrous to go on reproducing endlessly. It is not necessary for everyone to have children. Are we going to adjust our population to the resource that we have? This is something that every human being can do if the necessary education and awareness is brought into their lives.

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