Q: Sadhguru, if you are scared of something, how to overcome that? Like, personally, I am scared of supernatural things and ghosts.

Sadhguru: So you are essentially scared of something that you have never seen! What this means is that one very important basic faculty of being human is going out of control. Compared to other creatures, a human being has a very vivid sense of memory. We can remember every aspect of what happened yesterday. Because of this memory, we are able to understand how to handle today. This is what we are calling knowledge or information. What we understood, grasped, or experienced yesterday is today's knowledge.


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You are just watching a horror movie. Why not enjoy it? The problem is, it is badly directed.

This vivid sense of memory and an extraordinary sense of imagination are two aspects of the mind that set us apart from an earthworm, a grasshopper and every other creature. But these are two aspects that most human beings are suffering.

People suffer what happened ten years ago, and they already suffer what may happen the day after tomorrow. Or essentially, they are suffering something which does not exist. They are suffering their memory and their imagination. These are the two faculties which make us human you are suffering the evolutionary process.

So, all that is happening is that you are suffering your imagination. You are just watching a horror movie. Why not enjoy it? The problem is, it is badly directed. Your memory and imagination are out of control. The drama is just going on by itself.

People say, “This is human nature.” This is not human nature. This is the nature of people who have not taken charge of human nature. If you knew how to manage your psychological drama, you would have made yourself blissful, not fearful. This is the essence of my work – to bring some sense to the drama so that you become the director of your drama.

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