Q: Namaste, Sadhguru. You are a guru, you can see somebody inside out, and I am sure you can read me inside out. I am struggling with my body right now because over the past year, I have had a lot of problems. But you said aspiration is what matters. What can you do with me?

Sadhguru: You did not come here with any aspiration. You came here because of pain. Wanting to get out of pain is not so much of an aspiration. If you could enjoy your pain, you would not have come. Right now, making you sit and stand is a feat. So, first you must generate an aspiration that is worthwhile.


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Just look at life from your own intelligence, not from things that you do not know, not from things that I have spoken or someone has written or whatever. From your own perception and intelligence, see what is the highest thing that you can seek, and put everything behind that. Whatever that is, hold onto it. Then I will do other kinds of things to you.

Going in Circles

An aspiration means life is no longer stagnant – it is aspiring. The word “aspire” means it is longing to go somewhere. It cannot be stagnant or held in one place. What you aspire for does not matter. It is just that it must be so strong that your life has become effervescent. Then something can be done with you. If you have become a stagnant pool, then the first thing is to get it moving.

Everything that is physical in the existence is cyclical in nature. This planet is going around the Sun, the cosmos itself is spinning. Everything has a time to come and a time to go. It is all cyclical. The very nature of physicality is cyclical. Being cyclical means it is all going in circles. But if I say you are going in circles, it means you are not going anywhere.

Becoming Effervescent

The physical is not going anywhere. It is just going in circles. Naturally, if you realize that you have been going round and round, your first aspiration will be somehow to break this cycle. Just spend three days on identifying what is it in your life that is worth aspiring for – whatever it is – and pitch your everything behind it. Suppose your aspiration is such that, if you can just walk up this mountain, that is all. Pitch your whole life behind it. Then something can be done with you, because an aspiring life is naturally an effervescent life. Once there is effervescence, you can move it in ways that you have not thought possible. If you just settle down to the physicality of what it is, naturally it will remain in its cycles. There is no other way. It is not because I say so that it is cyclical. That is the nature of the physical. The very atom is going in circles within itself.

From atomic to cosmic, everything is in cycles. What you identify as physical cannot be any other way than cyclical. How deeply are you identified with your body, that cyclical you are. It is in that context that brahmacharya and such aspects have come up – to distance yourself from physicality so that you do not become a living circus all the time.

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