Questioner: In what way is the Dhyanalinga unique? What’s so different about it, Sadhguru?


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Sadhguru: The uniqueness of the Dhyanalinga is that all the seven chakras are established. Lingadanda, a copper tube with solidified mercury in it, has all the seven chakras established in their full flow, further complemented by copper rings on the outer periphery of the Dhyanalinga. Do you know what chakras are? Within your physical body, there are various centers, there are seven basic centers representing the seven dimensions of life, or seven dimensions of the experience of life. These seven chakras are: the muladhara, which is located at the perineum, between the anal outlet and the genital organs; swadhishthana is just above the genital organs; manipuraka is just below the navel; anahata is the soft spot beneath the point where the ribcage meets; vishuddhi is at the pit of the throat; agna is between the eyebrows and sahasrar is at the top of the head.

What do these seven dimensions represent? If your energy is dominant in muladhara, then food and sleep will be the most dominant factors in your life. If it is dominant in swadhishthana, pleasure will be the most dominant in your life. You will seek pleasure and enjoy the physical reality. If your energy is dominant in manipuraka, you are a doer – you will do many things in the world. If it is dominant in anahata, you are a very creative person. If your energy is dominant in vishuddhi, you become a very powerful person. If your energy is dominant in agna, you become peaceful. If you attain to agna, then you’re realized intellectually. You’re not realized experientially, but a certain peace and stability arises within you irrespective of what is happening outside of you. If your energy moves into sahasrar, you will explode into unexplained ecstasy. Whatever experience happens within you, it’s just a certain expression of your life energies. Anger, misery, peace, joy, ecstasy… all are different levels of expression for the same energy. These are the seven dimensions through which one can find expression.

In my previous life as Sadhguru Shri Brahma, I was known as Chakreshwara. Those of you from the state of Tamil Nadu may have heard of this. It means somebody who has complete mastery over all the hundred and fourteen chakras. It is because of that mastery that now we can have people blowing up everywhere like explosions. He was known as Chakreshwara because he exhibited certain qualities of his total mastery over the chakras. A phenomenally rare thing he did was when he left his body through all the seven chakras. Generally, when yogis leave their body, they leave through one particular chakra – whichever they have particular mastery over. Otherwise, depending upon their tendencies, they leave accordingly, but Sadhguru left his body through all the seven chakras. As a preparation for the consecration of the Dhyanalinga, he left his body through all the seven chakras. So this is from the horse’s mouth.

So the uniqueness of the Dhyanalinga is that it has all the seven chakras energized at their peak. It’s the highest possible manifestation, in the sense that if you take energy and push it up to very high levels of intensity, it can hold form only to a certain point. Beyond that, it cannot hold any form; it becomes formless. If it becomes formless, people are incapable of experiencing it. The Dhyanalinga has been consecrated after pushing the energy to the highest point beyond which there will be no form, and crystallizing it at that point.

It took three and a half years of a very intense process of consecration. The kinds of situations that people witnessed during the consecration are too unbelievable. Many yogis and siddhas have attempted to create a Dhyanalinga, but for various reasons, all the required ingredients never fell together. There were three fully consecrated Lingas in the present state of Bihar, but their physical forms are gone now. They have been totally razed to the ground and homes have been built over their locations, but the energy forms are still there. We know where they are; I have located them. All the other Lingas were never completed. I have found dozens of places where they attempted to create a Dhyanalinga, but for some reason, they were never completed.

1 siddhas: those who have attained perfection or mastery over a certain mystical aspect of life.