There’s a lot of violence prevalent in the various spheres of our world now. Many of us find ourselves trying to explain the dynamics and the source of violence especially in the light of sophistic and irrational incidents. Here Sadhguru talks about a form of violence - bullying.

Unless it is addressed in schools, how will the children live in this world which is full of bullying? The more powerful are always bullying the less powerful. Whether it is in the form of nations or in the form of communities or in the form of individual human beings – bullying is happening everywhere all the time. We have structured the world in such a way, if you do not learn to bully enough, at least in the society’s eyes, you do not get anywhere. Either you are bullying just on the strength of your muscle or it is in subtle ways. I want you to understand, the world, the international situation is not any different from the street corner. The strong lean on the weak in so many ways. It is still a caveman’s world of ‘survival of the fittest’ conducted in a more cunning manner, not straightforward.


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Because we have not produced the right kind of leaders; bullies are considered leaders. Compassionate human beings – people with larger vision about humanity are not considered leaders; they are considered philosophers in this world. They are dismissed off as visionaries.

The leaders are bullies who know how to elbow their way through everything and then fist you down in some way. Do not complain about bullies in the school because the school is trying to generate leaders for the nation and the world. This has to change but it is not going to change overnight. That needs lots of work on humanity, on individual human beings. General statements – slogans on the street will not help: It needs pointed work on individual human being. There has not been enough infrastructure to do that kind of work.

We have structured the world in such a way, if you do not learn to bully enough, at least in the society’s eyes, you do not get anywhere.
All that we are building here is infrastructure for an inclusive consciousness, which has never been done in these parts of the world. In the East, plenty was done in the past but nothing in the last few hundred years. Even in India we are trying to build large infrastructures for raising human consciousness. Children bully because they perceive that is how the world works. Everybody is using whatever power they have to beat down somebody else; people are not using the power they have to uplift somebody. Even if they uplift somebody there is a string attached that they can pull you down any time they want. Nobody wants you to be a hydrogen balloon let you loose and say “rise” - they have a string attached to it. For this we need a powerful, nonsectarian spiritual process to liberate people so that every human being can blossom in his own way. He need not be my way or your way. He can blossom in his own way, as long as he is inclusive as life is. Inclusiveness is not an ideology, inclusiveness is not some kind of a philosophy, inclusiveness is a way of life. The existence is happening out of its inclusiveness, not out of exclusiveness. Not a single atom can exist here exclusively.

As you know, if you go up into high altitude, you may become nauseous or dizzy. Maybe you thought it's just because of lack of oxygen. No, it's because your body is losing its integrity. For your body to stay here in this shape and form you need a certain amount of pressure supporting you. If you keep rising and the pressure decreases, at a certain point your body will disintegrate. Right now you’re constantly being supported by everything even to retain your form. So you being exclusive is ridiculous, but the whole world or at least the commercial forces on the planet are constantly telling you that you are exclusive. Bullying is not just because somebody is evil. Once exclusiveness is bred, bullying is natural. Inclusiveness is the only answer. Inclusiveness not in terms of, “I love you, you love me.” Just clearly seeing life that it is an inclusive process, experientially seeing it is all inclusive. There is no other way to be.

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