Earn or Urn a Living?

Sadhguru: In my whole life, I never thought of earning a living. My dear father used to break his head, “This boy has no fear in his heart. What will happen to him?” I used to wonder, “I thought fear was a problem, but now not having fear is a problem!” According to the dictates of the time I was supposed to become a doctor because my father was a doctor. But at the age of ten I told him, “That’s one thing I am not going to be. I am not going to be a doctor. I will never apply for a job in my life. I’ll walk into the forest and dig something and eat, but I’ll not apply for a job.” He asked me, “Why? What’s your problem with a job?” I told him, “I am not going to sit behind a table and earn a living. I’ll never ever do that in my life. If it’s necessary I’ll walk into the jungle. I know how to live in the forest.” I had already lived in the forest. I ate honey, termites, this and that – I managed. I knew I could manage because there was enough forest left for me.

Somehow I found it disagreeable that I should apply for my living somewhere else.

Even an ant which has one-millionth of your brain is capable of earning a living. What is a human being’s problem with such a big brain? Earning a living is a petty thing for human consciousness but unfortunately, the whole of humanity is investing all its energies and intelligence in just earning a living. All human genius has been smothered to death simply because everyone is thinking, “How do I earn a living?”

It is not that you shouldn’t earn your living, but it need not occupy the entirety of human consciousness.

If you just earn, earn, earn and die, all you will get is an urn! Maybe an expensive urn.

If you manage your body, mind and energies properly, you can earn a decent living with four hours of work a day.

You must always be looking at what is the greatest thing you can do with this life. My father thought I was utterly irresponsible but I was not irresponsible. I was pursuing life. I wanted to know what life is and I pursued my passion.Wherever I sat, I wanted to know what it is. I practiced that full-time.