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Khadi Gandhigram

The wheel of time has stopped spinning in many households in Gandhigram who were counting on the threads of Khadi for their livelihood. Khadi or handspun cloth rose to prominence with Mahatma Gandhi promoting the spinning of Khadi for rural self-employment and self-reliance. India's freedom movement made Khadi into an iconic fabric in the world.

Today, a brand new revolution is beginning to take shape. Making conscious choices for one's health and the environment is slowly becoming the norm. No longer limited to a mere symbol of patriotism, Khadi is poised to become the fabric of youth who are looking for relevance in a personal touch versus factory produced clothes.

Synthetic fabric, which was heralded as the poster-child of mass-produced clothing has revealed itself to be highly damaging for the environment and the people. The non-biodegradable micro-fibre that comes from synthetic textiles has already done alarming amounts of damage to environment. A number of toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of the synthetic fibres, some of which are known carcinogens.

Globally accepted and widely worn, Khadi is made from natural fibre in a completely natural, chemical-free environment and is the perfect fabric to replace synthetic cloth. 

It is up to us to revive this fabulous cloth for our own health and for the environment.

A range of skillfully handcrafted Khadi wear weaved by the spirited hands of Prasanth in Gandhigram is now available at Isha Life. Choose to add everlasting elegance to your wardrobe while you serve humanity. Choose Khadi.

Prasanth is available for direct orders as well: 

Prasanth. A.
098438 04329