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Natural Dyed Denim

In villages of Tamil Nadu in southern India, cotton grows plentifully following the monsoon rains. This region has a long history of weaving bedsheets and denim for large multinational brands. Unfortunately, many of these brands have since moved to cheap machine-woven alternatives. However, there are some local organizations refining and reinventing the craft. Naturally dyed cotton denim fabric is skin‐friendly, biodegradable, non‐carcinogenic and shows more depth of color.

Handloom textiles constitute a timeless facet of the rich cultural heritage of India. As an economic activity, the handloom sector occupies a place second only to agriculture in providing livelihood to the people. It is estimated that handloom industry provides employment to 6.5 million workers directly and indirectly and there are about 3.5 million looms spread all over India.

In spite of its global popularity, and worldwide demand, the fact remains that denim pollutes. Handloom denim, woven on hand-operated looms, eliminates the high amount of energy and water required for weaving conventional denim. Additionally, it also helps provide gainful employment, as well as sustain a large number of traditional craftsmen.

This eco-friendly form of denim is woven on the manually operated shuttle looms, without the use of electrically operated machines. The entire process is carried out without using electricity or burning any other fuel.

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