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Adiyogi - The Source of Yoga

Sadhguru Sannidhi, Bengaluru

"Adiyogi is here to liberate you from disease, discomfort, and poverty – above all, from the very process of life and death." —Sadhguru

Over 15,000 years ago, predating all religion, Adiyogi, the first Yogi, transmitted the science of Yoga to his seven disciples, the Saptarishis. He expounded 112 ways through which human beings can transcend their limitations and reach their ultimate potential. Adiyogi’s offerings are tools for individual transformation, as individual transformation is the only way to transform the world. His fundamental message is that “in is the only way out” for human wellbeing and liberation. On 15 January 2023, the iconic face of “Adiyogi – the Source of Yoga” was unveiled by the Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka. Adiyogi stands 112 feet tall, representing the 112 ways he offered for one to attain wellbeing and realize their ultimate nature.

Yogeshwar Linga

Installed near the Adiyogi is the Yogeshwar Linga, which was consecrated by Sadhguru, as a manifestation of five of the major chakras in the human system. Adiyogi, with the presence of the Yogeshwar Linga, has become a living entity.

Visitor Information

Adiyogi premises are open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day.


Yoga Sandhya

This powerful 40-minute program is an opportunity for you and your family to imbibe the grace of Adiyogi. It helps alleviate kula doshas (energetic impediments) and offers immense health and spiritual benefits.

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An offering of a coconut and red earth along with other sacred items made to Yogeshwar Linga for the wellbeing of individuals or families. This offering can be made by two participants together.

Jala Arpane

As a way to become receptive to the energies of Yogeshwar Linga, devotees can make an offering of water and neem leaves to the linga with their own hands.

Mala Arpane

Fresh flowers, exquisitely arranged as malas (garlands), are offered every day to the Naga. The offering can be made on special occasions, in memory of loved ones or simply as an expression of gratitude.

Deepa Arpane

An offering of ghee lamps to Yogeshwar Linga to become an invitation to grace.

Kailasha Teertha Arpane

Offering of sacred water from Kailash to Yogeshwar Linga.

Bilvapatre Arpane

Offering of vilva leaves to Yogeshwar Linga for overall wellbeing.

Klesha Nashana Kriya

A powerful aura cleansing process performed in Adiyogi’s presence. It employs fire and other natural elements to remove impurities in the aura.


Adiyogi Divya Darshanam

Adiyogi Divya Darshanam is a powerful video imaging show that is projected on the iconic Adiyogi. A spectacular visual treat, it also features Sadhguru narrating the story of Adiyogi and how the science of Yoga was offered to human beings.

Every day at 7 PM

Design and Architecture

Adiyogi was designed to be an iconic presence that would serve as a reminder to orient every human being towards their liberation.

With a deep understanding of how the geometry of form can bring forth profound transformation, Sadhguru designed the face of Adiyogi to exude three aspects – exuberance, stillness and intoxication. Owing to its precise geometry, Sadhguru says, the image of Adiyogi imprints itself in the mind of anyone who pays attention to the form for even a minute, inspiring them to pursue their ultimate wellbeing.

How to get there

Sadhguru Sannidhi, Bengaluru is located near Nandi Hills in Chikkaballapura district, 65 kilometers north of Bengaluru.

The Center is 45 km from the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (60-minute drive) and 63 km from the Cantonment Railway Station, Bengaluru (80-minute drive).

Taxis are available from Bengaluru to the Sadhguru Sannidhi. Regular bus services also operate between Bengaluru and Chikkaballapura town, as well as between Chikkaballapura town and the Sannidhi.

Contact Us

Telephone: 080-47103311

Email: sadhguru.sannidhi@ishafoundation.org