Yoga Sandhya

Imbibe Adiyogi's Grace

5:40 PM IST Every Day

Sadhguru Sannidhi, Bengaluru

Limited Slots are Available

Designed by Sadhguru, Yoga Sandhya is an opportunity for you and your family to imbibe the grace of Adiyogi through an intimate, in-person spiritual event for your spiritual growth and wellbeing.

It is designed to help overcome any energetic impediments within the family or clan (kula dosha), which could hinder your spiritual growth and material wellbeing.

Grace does not descend – grace is always. You just have to make yourself receptive.

Kula Dosha

Kula dosha refers to an energetic impediment that afflicts those belonging to a particular genetic pool, be it a family, a clan, or a community.

In Yoga, it is understood that karmic memory imprinted on one’s energy system is transmitted to future generations. As a result, an entire clan could inherit doshas and carry it on for generations.

Yoga Sandhya is a powerful program offered by Sadhguru that is supportive in alleviating kula doshas by making use of this genetic connection. By going through this program as a family, one can derive immense health and spiritual benefits which are also passed on to future generations.


Alleviates kula dosha by using the genetic connection between family members

Brings vibrancy to your energies, improving health and wellbeing

Cleanses and integrates the five elements within you

Makes you more receptive to grace

Benefits of Yoga Sandhya are also passed on to future generations

Program Details

The program includes:

  • Initiation into a special sadhana

  • Powerful chants to enhance your receptivity

  • Make 7 sacred offerings in the presence of Adiyogi

This 40-minute program is offered once a day.

A maximum of 21 people from the same family can attend it each day. Relatives from both the husband’s and wife’s sides can participate.

The minimum age for participation is 9 years.
Fee: INR 30,000 for up to 3 participants. INR 10,000 per additional participant.


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