Anna University, which comprises the College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG), is one of the top ten universities in India for Engineering studies and has some highly renowned alumni to boast of - the most notable of them being scientist and former president of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Anna University also developed the microsatellite ANUSAT, a student-built microsatellite. ANUSAT is the first satellite designed and developed by an Indian university and is the first satellite in India to be built and operated by any organization other than Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

On event day, as we entered the Anna University campus, several small groups of students were buzzing around, faintly muttering the word “Sadhguru.”  Like every Isha event, volunteers were running around the place, working in full throttle since the morning. One difference - these are the University student volunteers not just Isha volunteers. They were going around to make sure everything was in place for the program. As time went by, students swarmed into the auditorium and in no time, the hall was full! 

One of the event highlights was how Anna University student volunteers shouldered the organizing responsibilities along with Isha volunteers. From cheering on the crowd, guiding them into the hall, registration process to actively interviewing students pre and post the event, their energy was contagious. To promote the event within the campus, they did street plays in several places over the weekend. So, what was initially planned only for College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG) then expanded to include the other three colleges in the campus as well, which are Madras Institute of Technology, Alagappa College of Technology and School of Architecture and Planning.

The program kickstarted with some foot-tapping music from Sounds of Isha, followed by a scintillating, traditional Bharatanatyam performance by students of Isha Samskriti. 

The audience was both excited and surprised by the unexpected yet stunning musical performance by singer Karthik along with his band. And all the more dumbstruck as Sadhguru stole the stage with his all-energetic dance in tune to Karthik’s song. 

The most-awaited session with Sadhguru then began as the students were all set, to fire the hundreds of questions in their minds. We found out that the students had to literally battle with 700 different and unique questions, to arrive at their final list! 


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The program slowly gained momentum with each question, with the crowd applauding for every one of them as if it were their mind’s echo. A plethora of questions were shot at Sadhguru encompassing everything from politics, religion, drugs, relationships, education, agriculture, parenthood to love at first sight. 


The students said that while they were expecting a spiritual lecture, Sadhguru bowled them over with his logical straight-talk and deep insight. The crowd seemed to be more than impressed and was also quite intrigued with Sadhguru’s answers! In fact, they even erupted into peals of laughter when Sadhguru said “You may run out of questions, but I never run out of answers,” in reply to the students’ request for one more question. As the program drew to a close, Sadhguru left behind a completely electrified audience walking out with bright, smiling faces. 


There was tangible excitement in the air as the students shared their experience of the program, all of them clearly bubbling with joy as they were leaving for home!

What some students had to say after the event…

“Sadhguru is such an amazing person!”

“Wow, I didn’t expect such a person or answers, I thought it would be some spiritual stuff.”

“His answer about love at first sight, time/suffering was brilliant.”

“We will volunteer for the cause of the nation rather than play video games or watch video games on YouTube.”

“Every person has walked out as a smarter person than the way he entered the hall.”

“Sadhguru has the same energy from the moment he stepped in to leaving out. At this age I’m not able to be like him.”

“When are we going to get an opportunity to meet all you volunteers again?”

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