Sadhguru, spiritual seekers and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) International Convention Hall seem to have become inextricably linked in the city of Mumbai. On 9 March, around 500 corporate executives heard Sadhguru with rapt attention in this hall which has hosted several Inner Engineering Programs by Sadhguru himself in the last three to four years.

Khushro Bulsara, Head Market Operations at BSE, as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, welcomed the audience. Madhu Kannan, MD & CEO BSE, welcomed Sadhguru and mentioned the rare chance he had as a young global leader to meet Sadhguru at the World Economic Forum, a few years ago. Sounds of Isha then touched the audience with some wonderful soothing songs.

Sadhguru spoke on “The Power of Transformative Leadership” to the audience which listened to him with deep interest and involvement for well over two hours. He said, “Leadership is not about you asserting yourself over somebody. It is about being able to harness everybody’s aspirations and make it happen. When you are truly inclusive, you will naturally have an insight about everything. The right kind of people will naturally gather around you when they see a certain level of integrity in you. People come with different capabilities – that’s fine, but the question is just this: Are you able to use yourself to the fullest extent or no? If you make yourself like this, that you yourself are not an issue anymore, you can attend to the outside issues to the best of your capability, and your leadership will happen effortlessly without being stressful to you or to anybody for that matter. This is transformative leadership.” After a very intense round of questions and answers, there was a standing ovation for Sadhguru as he completed his session.

Amongst the audience were several top IAS/IPS officers of the state, top CEOs of corporates from Mumbai, and members of the BSE broker community. Some of the personalities present were Sivanandhan, Police Commissioner, Mumbai; Ramdorai, Chairman, BSE and Vice-Chairman TCS; Dina Mehta, Director BSE; Narasimhan, Deputy MD, SBI; S. Vardarajan, Executive Director, Axis Bank; Akila Urankar, President, Business Standard, and many other esteemed and senior corporate leaders.

Surely the spiritual SENSEX at the Bombay Stock Exchange went up several hundred points in just two hours of intense spiritual trading with the Master.


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