Isha’s latest DVD, Kashi ­– The Eternal City has been very well received by viewers and critiques alike. Filled with Sadhguru’s insights on Kashi’s numerous mystical aspects, the DVD is also a visual treat with special effects bringing alive the Kashi of yore.

The Hindu – one of India’s leading English dailies – recently reviewed and praised the DVD for its informative yet clear explanation of Kashi’s various aspects. The first and last lines of the review epitomize the reviewer’s sentiments. The review begins with “Unanswered questions and ambiguous thoughts become comprehensible and clear to the ordinary mind as you watch ‘Kashi, The Eternal City’…”, and ends with “…you begin to miss the place even before you’ve actually been there! Such is the impact.”

Read the review, Land of the mystique

Kashi ­– The Eternal City is available for purchase and download at Isha Downloads, Isha’s online store for Sadhguru’s books, DVDs, Sounds of Isha’s music, and lot more.



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