Last week saw Sadhguru meeting a number of top business leaders in two major conferences – INFOCOM 2012, Kolkata, and Tata Business Excellence Convention, Bangalore. On December 6th, Sadhguru was in Kolkata to give the Keynote Address at the INFOCOM 2012 Spotlight session titled “Leadership and Inclusivity”. Speaking about the need to bring a sense of inclusiveness among leaders, Sadhguru looked the dominant forms of leadership in history – religious, military, and political leadership – and said that a time was coming where business leaders were coming to the fore. He said that most business leaders today were shackled with a short-term view and were not focusing beyond their quarterly balance sheet. He noted that it is very important that leaders explore how a business could contribute to the overall wellbeing of the people involved and humanity in general.

During the Q&A session that followed, a pertinent question that was asked was about the prevalence of poverty despite economic leadership moving into a position of dominance. Sadhguru spoke about the economic models of the past and said that though these models tried to uplift everyone together, they ended up making everyone fall badly. He said that the only way is to ensure that enterprises run successfully while the administration frames appropriate rules so that everyone benefits.

INFOCOM is an interactive platform that brings together stakeholders in the IT and Communication Technology industries. It is a congregation of professionals, business leaders, users, and policy makers. The theme of the INFOCOM 2012 conference was “Mobility”, which centered around the increasingly mobile nature of technology, lifestyles and businesses.

The next day, December 7th, Sadhguru was in Bangalore to give a 1.5-hour talk to 350 of the top executives of the Tata Group of Companies, on “Transforming to Meet the Future.” Sadhguru spoke about the need to transform yourself before you can transform business. He spoke about the importance of “Inner Engineering” in the hectic pace of the modern world and answered questions related to crafting success and transforming yourself and what is around you. The talk obviously struck a chord with the participants, with many of the delegates spending some personal time with Sadhguru after the talk. In fact, the Isha stall set up by volunteers outside the Convention Hall, sold out all its books and CDs in the half hour following the talk.
The Tata Group of Companies is a 100-billion dollar group which operates in over 80 countries worldwide. The group was established almost 150 years ago, and today has over 31 listed companies in the energy, steel, hospitality, manufacturing, FMCG, and other industry sectors.


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