I sha Arogya launched the Thaimai Program, a series of weekly, two-hour sessions that offer expert pregnancy-care advice to pregnant mothers. A total of fifteen sessions will be held, the first of which began after the inauguration on June 3, at the Isha Life Wellness Center in Chennai.

This is the third such series of health awareness programs organized by Isha Arogya. The programs will provide the pregnant mother with awareness and knowledge about her unborn child, thereby creating a happy and healthy pregnancy and post-pregnancy period. Audio-visual presentations, peer groups, group activities, lectures and demonstrations are used to explain in simple terms, the various stages of pregnancy, delivery, neo-natal care, the importance of breast feeding and child care. Powerful meditation techniques, pranayam and yogasanas will also be taught by experienced and trained Isha Yoga teachers

The program will make the mother aware of the importance and responsibility of bearing the next generation, strengthen the pelvic and abdominal muscles for easy delivery, reduce stress and anxiety during childbirth, and enhance the mental and physical development of the mother and baby, during and after pregnancy.

Isha Thaimai Programs have also been conducted earlier in Salem.

Isha Arogya, is committed towards providing every human being with the means and methods to live a vibrantly healthy life. Its focus is not just on combatting disease, but on creating a sense of wholeness in the individual. This approach enables people to cultivate their body, mind and energies in such a way that health is a natural way of being, and the question of chronic disease simply does not arise.

Currently two such centers are functioning at Salem & Chennai – Adambakkam, Karur, Coimbatore, and Chennai Annanagar are in pipeline. Facilities available: Free consultation by Siddha and allopathy physician, fully equipped siddha, ayurveda, allopathy pharmacy including nutritional supplements, ayurvedic massage therapies, yoga programs, counseling on nutrition and healthy lifestyle that bring an individual’s system into balance and harmony.

For further details contact: 94433 57563


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