A massive 20-tonne metallic beam is being raised into position by an equally massive looking crane. A brahmachari stands calmly to one end of the beam, conducting the operation – cellphone to his ear – relaying instructions to people at the other end, 130 feet away. The floor of the entire structure is 50 feet below, and massive granite blocks weighing as much as 50 tonnes rise up around it!

The Suryakund (the new Theerthakund for men) is nearing completion. Brahmacharis, volunteers and laborers are working round-the-clock on the impressive structure. Heavy granite is being used extensively as a construction material to ensure the longevity of the structure so that future generations can benefit for thousands of years to come. Here are few facts about the construction process.

  • From floor to rooftop, the Suryakund is 66 feet high.
  • The entire structure – including the mandapam and steps – measures 250 by 230 feet.
  • 3 rasalingas will be placed in a copper-lined space measuring 130 by 40 feet.
  • The Suryakund is embedded 20 feet below ground-level, and its massive walls rise another 12 feet.
  • 16-foot pillars placed on these walls hold up 4 massive beams weighing 20, 10 and 5 tonnes. On these beams are placed three arches forming the roof. The arches span a total of 250 by 57 feet, and rise 18 feet above the pillars.
  • Three more arches will cover the pavilion.

I have a plan. Let's execute it so that human consciousness really rises.

So, where will you be on December 21st and 22nd? It’s the winter solstice and the beginning of Uttarayana , and supposedly the end of the Mayan Calendar! In Sadhguru’s words, “Some new-agey people are predicting, ‘Human consciousness is going to rise.’ A few years ago they were saying the world is going to end in 2012. Now it's coming close and they know it's not going to end and that won't sell anymore. So they are saying consciousness will rise. Anyway, I don’t want to disappoint them. It’s a silly prediction but let's use it. People who are incapable of a plan will always depend on predictions. I have a plan. Let's execute it so that human consciousness really rises because that is the most important thing that needs to happen. Everything else is in place, only the human being is not in place.”
Suryakund Consecration is a residential program conducted by Sadhguru. The powerful consecration process requires a committed atmosphere. Therefore, attendance is mandatory on both days. Those above 14 years of age are eligible to participate. It is not compulsory to have attended an Isha Yoga program.

Please visit the website for more details, and watch the video here.


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