This July 9th, volunteers will be running, walking and doing yoga in support of Isha Vidhya for the 6th consecutive year as part of the Sevathon. California is home to many large Indian communities who are active in supporting various social causes and giving back to society both in India and in the US. In 2016, Sevathon brought together more than 5,000 runners, walkers and yoga enthusiasts who raised funds for more than 100 nonprofits! Sevathon offers the fabulous opportunity to California residents to raise funds for the nonprofit of their choice by running, walking, and doing yoga.

Isha Vidhya, the rural education initiative of Isha Foundation, is one of the listed non-profits in Sevathon. The goal, through the Sevathon, is to continue empowering Sadhguru’s vision and making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children. In the 2017 edition of Sevathon, Isha volunteers hope to raise $100k+ and involve 200+ runners! Funds raised will be used for building school infrastructure and continuing student scholarships.

California Isha volunteers share their inspiration to participate in the Sevathon


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“I am happy to pay forward some of the investment that was put into me, which enables the luxurious lifestyle I now enjoy. Education is the key that opened the door, and I get to pass it on. Isha Vidhya is transparent in how the contributions are used, but the best evidence that I picked the right non-profit to support was hearing a cab driver telling me how he plans to put his son son into an Isha Vidhya school, on a recent trip to India. Only wish I had more funds available to contribute. Maybe someday soon.” - Rekha

“As a child, I always felt bad whenever I saw a malnourished or destitute child and thought every kid deserves love, food and education irrespective of where they are born. While giving food or money is only temporary help, the only way to empower these kids and their families to escape from the shackles of poverty is to provide them with formal education. I witnessed how Isha Vidhya is doing phenomenal work in taking care of 1000s of underprivileged children, and there is nothing that gives me more satisfaction and happiness than to witness these kids smiling and growing happily while receiving high quality education. I am raising funds to sponsor education for 40 children this year.” - Pratyush

Editor’s Note: We invite you to donate generously for the cause of providing English medium education to underprivileged rural children with minimal access to educational facility. Your donation will give the gift of high quality education to them and help them to pull themselves out of poverty. Join us to make a child’s dream come true.

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