Are miracles real or are they just stories told to the gullible? Yogi and mystic, Sadhguru, reminds us that the answer lies in realizing that the true miracles are in the life happening around us every day.

Sadhguru: A lot of people keep asking me, “Sadhguru, all the other gurus are claiming all kinds of miracles. Why aren’t you performing any miracles?” According to them, a miracle means you must pull a rabbit out of a tissue box! At least if you pull a tissue, you can use it, but what will you do with a rabbit!

Anything that is not in people’s perception or understanding is called a miracle. Today, with a piece of plastic and a little bit of metal, I can call and talk to someone across the ocean. If I did this a hundred years ago and told you I was talking to someone half way around the world, if you were a rationalist you would definitely think I was either bluffing or I was some kind of an idiot talking to himself. But today it is a simple fact.

Everything in Life is a Miracle


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As your understanding and knowing of the existence widens and expands, there is no miracle for you. Everything is just reality. If your understanding and experience of life is very limited, everything is a miracle for you. Life happens in many different ways. Because people have limited themselves to just the physical and the logical – physical in experience and logical in thinking – they call anything beyond this a miracle. So there are no miracles, at least in the way people are thinking. If there is a miracle, then everything in existence is a miracle. Every atom is a miracle. Otherwise, there are no miracles and everything is just the way it is. It is natural. Whether you call it natural or a miracle, it is the same thing.

These are the two ways to look at life. You see everything as a miracle or you see nothing as a miracle. Everything is explainable. This is the difference of approach between science and mysticism. A scientist sees everything as a process. A mystic looks at everything as a miracle. Just look at the soil beneath your feet. If you put manure into it, you get a beautiful flower on the tree. You put stinking manure, but look at the fragrance. If you did not know the process and I were to tell you I am going to convert manure into a fragrant flower, would you believe me? But now it is going through the tree and happening. Suppose if I were to take a lump of dung in my hands and make it into a beautiful flower, then you would call it a miracle. But when a tree does it, you don’t think it’s a miracle. Why this prejudice?

The True Miracle of Life

The true miracle of life is not in you doing something, but in you realizing that life is already a big miracle. Everything here is magical. If you eat a banana or a piece of bread or a fish, it becomes a human being over an afternoon. What greater miracle do you want? All of you are performing the miracle. The only problem is that it is happening unconsciously. If you could consciously make a banana into a human being, you are the very Creator, isn't it? Either you exist as the Creator or you exist as a piece of creation. If you live on the surface, you live as a piece of creation. If you go a little deeper, you exist as the Creator. That is the choice every human being has.

Recently, I happened to have some time before a meeting, so I decided to go swimming. After swimming we met for lunch and one of the people said, “I saw you swimming in the pool.” I said, “Were you expecting me to walk upon water?” He said, “No, but you were swimming!” I said, “Yes, I swim in the water and walk upon the earth. Do you want it another way?” Land is good enough for walking, isn't it? If you start walking on water, where will you swim?

We are missing the essence of life by getting diverted by all kinds of fanciful things. Silly stories are being passed off as great. But let me tell you about my miracle. I can show you hundreds of people around me for whom not a single day passes without tears of bliss flowing from their eyes. This is my fortune, that people around me are shedding tears of bliss around me wherever I go. I can show you people for whom not a single moment of irritation or agitation have come in them in many months. I think this is the miracle the world needs.

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