In the final installment of Mystic Chants, we bring to you Shambho, the chant that symbolizes the most auspicious thing that can happen to a person - to realize the highest within yourself. The chant is available as part of the Vairagya album and can be downloaded for free. It is also available as part of the Isha Chants app.

Sadhguru: An important aspect of Shiva is called as Shambho. Normally, Shambho, or this aspect of the root energy is worshipped by only people who are in the spiritual path, because the word Shambho means "the auspicious one". The most auspicious thing that can happen to you is to realize yourself, is to reach the highest within yourself.

We think, unfortunately, that getting married is auspicious, getting a promotion is auspicious, building a new house is auspicious. The most auspicious thing that can happen to you in your life is that you reach the peak within yourself. Shambho is the form in which we are able to call him down to us here very easily, in that form he seems to respond to us much better than any other form. Shambho has been a very dominant aspect in the Isha Yoga Center. To begin the Isha Yoga Center, to nurture it and to take it to the ultimate state also, this Shambho is going to play a very important role.

Shambho is an auspicious and very gentle form of Shiva, which is rare.


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In certain systems of yoga, people master the creation of powerful forms. You have heard these kinds of things - Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to feed Kali with his own hands and she used to eat food. This is 100% reality. For a logical, thinking mind this looks like absolute nonsense, isn't it? He must have been hallucinating. He was not hallucinating; it is just that his consciousness was so crystallized, whatever form he revered was just created right there. So you want Kali, Kali is right there. Anything that you want can be created right there simply because all these forms were established long ago for sadhana. Different yogis, different systems created various forms. There are various beautiful forms and very hideous forms; all kinds of forms people created.

Shambho is an auspicious and very gentle form of Shiva, which is rare. Shiva is usually wild; a crazy man he is, but this is a very gentle form of Shiva, a beautiful form of Shiva. These forms were established by people, so that others could make use of it. They are made into such eternal forms, they are always; if you are willing you can bring them down into your experience.

The sound Shambho is very, very significant. In many ways this space (referring to the Isha Yoga Center) is engineered around that sound. The power of this sound and the capability of this sound to liberate a being from one dimension of entanglement and move him to a different state of freedom is something phenomenal, especially because everything that we have done here is engineered around this particular reverberation.

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