The Inner Way is a rare opportunity to imbibe the timeless science of yoga from Sadhguru, within the beautiful settings of the Isha Yoga Center. This year’s retreat saw 115 participants making their way from the UK, Spain, Lebanon, Bulgaria, India, China and the US. The program was conducted in tandem with Yaksha, Isha’s annual music and dance festival. Considering the cultural milieu of the program, it was no surprise that well-known names from the fields of arts, film and fashion design were in attendance, including Donna Karan, internationally renowned DKNY fashion designer and icon.


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The retreat was magical, filled with refined sound, extravagant colors, and delicious food. The setting could not have been more perfect. The program included interactive discussions with Sadhguru, treks, guided meditations, rejuvenating massage treatments, asanas, and the transmission of the sacred Shambhavi Mahamudra, alongside 2 newly introduced powerful practices: Sadilaja and Surya Shakti.

Madhavi Mudgal performs at Yaksha 2013

Participants were delighted to attend Yaksha performances during the evening, followed by a wonderfully crafted dinner. They would dance the night away, joined by Sadhguru who set the space on fire.

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