For the past 40 days, Mahashivratri preparations have been supported in a huge way by the joyful and hard-working band of Yoga Veeras. These volunteers from around the world, each with their own work and family responsibilities back home, have chosen to dedicate themselves to making this event happen, so that as many people as possible can have a taste of Adiyogi and the science of Yoga.

Preparing a Meal of Epic Proportions

At 2 am this morning, 1000 volunteers, including 500 Yoga Veeras alongside ashram volunteers, begin the preparations for the morning meal. This meal will serve 12,244 consecration participants, volunteers and school students.

The Coolest Event

I travel to cool sites, make cool documentaries. Very lucky to be here for the coolest event of the century. – Coco Mukherji


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Gut Instinct

Quit my job and followed my gut to be here. Never imagined I’d be part of such a momentous event. - Jeremy, Canada

A Fit Offering

Volunteering as a Yoga Veera feels like the only fitting way for me to offer myself to this tremendous happening. – Srujana, Nepal

Devi’s Grace

Drove 1600km on my bike from Mumbai to the ashram to be here for the 21-day Yoga Veera sadhana. I felt Devi’s protective energy around me the whole way. When I came and sat with her in the temple, I could not stop my tears. - Marko Bojic, Bosnian from Mumbai, Actor

Being Human

I came from Jaipur, travelling 2400km by road, crossing different states, changing buses along the way for the 21-day Yoga Veera sadhana. For me, Adiyogi is a phenomenal presence that walked this earth in human form and brought transformation to human life. He makes me proud to be human. – Prashant, Delhi

For a Change

Took a break from my investment banking career to be here for 21 days of transformation. Overwhelmed already! –Kalaam, Delhi

Pitching In

Sadhguru’s work is of utmost importance for the wellbeing of the planet and I’m here to give my 100% for this. –Saraya, Bulgaria. Founder and Art Director of Milk Creative, a branding and design agency.

At Crossroads

Before I decide on what career step to take, I wanted to stabilize and work on myself, and felt – what better opportunity than this? – Amol, Bangalore, pursuing CA degree

Historic Event

Such a historic moment for the planet! Despite my circumstances, want to offer myself in whatever way I can. - Suchitra, Bangalore

Complete Involvement

I find being fully involved in whatever is needed through the day brings a sense of refreshment. –Mi, China

Cleaning Up

Wanted to break my physical limitations through intense physical activity. The Mahashivratri venue cleaning team was initially open only to men. I was the first woman who asked to be part of it. – Sneha Patil, Mumbai, SpiceJet ground crew staff member

A Towering Presence

Felt an imposing presence of Adiyogi as we worked to move bricks and stones at the venue. I realized how much it would have taken for these people to work day and night to create this towering face of Adiyogi. – Upinder Singh, Chandigarh

Like Family

I feel the same exuberance… like I’m helping at my home kitchen, cooking for a family festival! – Bharadwaj, Ophthalmologist, Vijayawada, Yoga Veera in kitchen activity