Sadhguru on a Phenomenon Beyond Logic

Sadhguru: Linga Bhairavi is slowly taking shape, not just in her physical aspect, but in her true essence. She is taking a little longer than what we thought, but, you know, she's the boss... This whole process that we are doing... I am not articulate enough to say what has been happening in the last eight to nine months, particularly in the last 20 to 30 days. Before I even utter a word, I know it is ridiculous to say it; it doesn't make sense. These are the times when I really feel sad because such incredible things are happening and hardly anybody can see it, not everybody can enjoy what is happening, because to see different aspects of life, to see the way existence is made, you need a different type of eyes. Unless you strive to grow this kind of eyes, you won't see, even if it is right in front of you.

This consecration process has changed the fundamental chemistry of my system so dramatically, you won't believe it. I don't think this is the time to share about this because it is too raw right now. Maybe, after some time, we can talk about it to some extent. But still, we can never articulate this; I only wish everybody could feel it. I only wish everybody could see what is happening. It is one thing to enjoy the food; it is another thing to enjoy the cooking. Which is better? After all, we cook to eat, so maybe eating is better. Definitely it is more comfortable just to be eating and not to cook. But those who are involved in the intricacies of cooking, people who really cook well barely eat because for them, cooking is more important than eating. Eating is a secondary pleasure. But eating is still better than not eating; far, far better.


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So, soon, she will be fully on, for sure; we have no choice about that, whatever it takes. You will definitely feel her presence when the temple is open. Even now she has already started throbbing. We have done very little to the actually physical form of Devi, but she is already imbibing what we have been doing. She is smart enough to sense that something very big and wonderful is going to come towards her, and she's on.

This is not making sense to you, isn't it? That is the whole problem: The boundless nature of the existence is denied to people simply because they are crippled by their limited logical sense. Just give yourself to what is happening; chant, dance, work, kill yourself in some way; because unless the educated, sensible "you" dies, you will not know what this is. Unless you become as uneducated as me, you will not know what this is because this is something else. You cannot educate her; don't ever try that. She is wild and fierce. This culture always encouraged the feminine, the women, to be fiery and wild. You should see the ancient literature in this country, where poets are saying, "What to do with a domesticated woman?" We domesticated women because we wanted to breed, raise families and things like that. So, here is one that you cannot domesticate. Wild, very fiery, but absolutely compassionate. These are not contradictory qualities in a being; all these things come together. Only those who were born in a moral class they are so moral, nobody can be born like this, but it happens they think compassion and fierceness cannot go together. They think love and vengefulness cannot go together, but that is how life is. That is how nature is. The most beautiful is always the most dangerous. Have you seen a cobra close-up? It is the most beautiful thing! One extra step, you will be dead that is how it is. One moment of unawareness, you will be dead, but it is the most beautiful creature you can see. So, that is how life comes, and Linga Bhairavi is just pure life; life in its fiery, highest possibility, but untamed. These are the punctuation marks of my life. I never got the grammar right. This whole nonsense about a Guru being always loving, compassionate, eyeballs rolled up, I don't fit into that. When the vision of Dhyanalinga arose in me, I changed everything about myself the very way I breathe, the way I sit and stand. I knew with the kind of wildness that I am, I would never get the necessary goodwill in the society to do it, so I completely changed everything about myself. I thought I would not be around anymore after the Dhyanalinga stood there, but when I had to be, I started making some changes.

Now, I cannot hide anymore; she will be a living manifestation, every day. Anybody who experiences her will know whoever created her is not... She is a roar. She is like a scream. She is not gentle, nice, that kind. You can never domesticate her. "So, what is the use?" That is the whole thing; there is no use just life. Life is not a utility; life is a phenomenon that needs to be experienced. Life is not a milking cow that you could milk so many liters of milk from; life is just the most fabulous phenomenon that we have known or we have not known, whichever way it is. To manifest this phenomenon in as many ways as possible, that is ultimately the only work. "What is the use?" No use. A dog that is chained looks at the tiger in the forest and thinks, "What is the use of his life? He just loiters around. I bark, I wag my tail. What is the use of a tiger?" No use, but it's a tiger; not Woods , tiger...because if I say "tiger," most people are thinking golf balls, and I don't know what else. No, we are talking about "tiger, tiger, burning bright" that tiger.

Always, Devi was depicted as riding a lion or a tiger, just to show that she is a phenomenon, not something that you can use. And the whole of life is like that if you are with it, there is an immense benefit. If you are not with it, you can never use it. How could you use the sky? You have learnt to use the planet, but how could you use the sky? If there was no space, how would the planet exist? But you cannot use the space, isn't it? That is the greatest phenomenon, but you cannot use it. So, whatever is the greatest phenomenon cannot be used. If you learn to become a part of it, life happens fabulously well, that's all. So, next time we sit here it is going to be very, very different. This is not nice, gentle, subtle, refined energy. The Dhyanalinga is a very refined process. Refining it to that level of sophistication almost took my life. Here, with Linga Bhairavi, it is absolutely raw; no refinement at all.

Please make this happen for yourself and above all, being here in the ashram, you must strive to see that this happens to as many people as possible; that is the important thing.

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