Extending support to the Tamil Nadu government in its efforts to contain Coronavirus (COVID-19), Isha Foundation has offered the use of its buildings and premises in Coimbatore for medical purposes. 

Sadhguru, Founder, Isha Foundation, said that if needed, Isha volunteers will also provide support in government hospitals. 

Sadhguru stressed upon the fact that hunger and starvation has the potential to cause civil unrest and lack of employment would lead to starvation of daily wage earners and their families. 

To support this vulnerable group, Isha Foundation has also requested millions of its volunteers across the world, especially in India, to take care of at least two such people and ensure they are properly nourished. 

In an appeal to the volunteers, Sadhguru said, “Wherever you are, ensure that suffering and death should not happen due to starvation.” 

“In these challenging times, it is the responsibility of every citizen to stand up and do what best we can do in individual capacities and assist the local administration in fulfilling their responsibilities,” he added. 

Last week, the Isha Yoga Center suspended all its programs at all its centers around the world to contain the spread of COVID-19.


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