Kanimozhi lost her father when she was a small child. Even when Kanimozhi’s father was alive, he suffered from a heart issue, because of which he could not find a regular job.  A lot of money was borrowed and spent on his medical expenses.  When he passed away, the family was left with nothing but debt. Kanimozhi’s mother was forced to work as a daily wage laborer, which was not a steady job.

When Isha Vidhya found Kanimozhi’s family in such a dire state, they offered to sponsor full scholarships to both Kanimozhi and her younger sister (who is now in the 4th grade).

Both Kanimozhi and her sister are now joyful students at the Cuddalore Isha Vidhya school. Both of them enjoy the noon meals which are served every day at school.

As you are probably aware, Isha Vidhya, a project of Isha Education, provides quality English-medium education to underprivileged rural children in India, in areas where they do not have access to it or are not able to afford it. Isha Vidhya’s unique approach to education incorporates methodologies that make it easy for a rural child to pick up English and excel in their other subjects.

Isha Vidhya makes the rural student ready to face the world with whatever dreams they are aspiring for, be it higher studies or a fulfilling career!


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Isha Vidhya provides education sponsorships, a nutritious noon meal, as well as safe transportation to the students as part of the initiative. The holistic and well-rounded curriculum also includes arts & crafts, environmental education, sports, yoga, and field trips!

We invite you and your friends to be a part of this initiative, which is completing its 13th year soon. Isha Vidhya is participating in the world-renowned fundraising platform Globalgiving’s Giving Tuesday campaign, in which the first monthly recurring donation not only gets a 100% match but also makes Isha Vidhya eligible towards more matching money and bonus prizes!


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