On 27th July, an Isha Kriya meditation camp for 1500 sanitary department workers began at Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. The program was inaugurated by M.S.M. Anandan, Minister for Forests, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, in the presence of the Mayor of Tirupur Ms. Visalakshi. The camp will run for 10 days till 6 August.


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3000 sanitary department workers of the Coimbatore Municipal Corporation recently participated in an Isha Kriya Meditation Camp.

Over 3000 sanitary department workers participated in a 10-day Isha Kriya meditation camp from May 14th to 23rd, at Coimbatore. Organized by Isha Outreach at the behest of the Coimbatore Municipal Corporation, every day’s session was followed by various kinds of games that everyone participated in. Several of the workers expressed how Isha Kriya had helped them in just these 10 days and said that they would be continuing the practice.

There is no dearth of meditation techniques on the market today. What makes Isha Kriya special is its simplicity and effectiveness. It does not require you to sit through a program to learn it, but can be taught to anyone, by anyone, anywhere, in a short time. 12 to 18 minutes of practice per day is all it takes to bring peace, dynamism, and wellbeing into your life.

Available as a free guided meditation online, Isha Kriya has the potential to transform the life of anyone who is willing to invest just a few minutes a day.