This month, Isha Home School’s student band "Urban Folk," have had the privilege of performing on two separate occasions in front of thousands of people.

The first event took place on September 3rd, Sadhguru’s Birthday, where the talented, budding musicians enthralled a crowd of over 4000 people with an eclectic show, blending rock and world music, with a pinch of middle-eastern vocals on the song "Uyir Nokam."


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The band had the opportunity to perform once again for Sadhguru’s “In the Lap of the Master” program, on September 8th, receiving overwhelming cheers from the thousands of people gathered at the Adiyogi Alayam for the event.

Hope you enjoy the music as much as we did!

  • A cover version of The Beatles’ “Across the Universe
  • Uyir Nokam,” an inspired creation, the lyrics of which were originally written by Sadhguru for a Sounds of Isha song. The students added their own twist to it.
  • I Need...”, an original song, written and composed by the student-musicians.