Vaibhavi of Grade 7 in the Isha Home School tells us about the students’ trip to “The Extra Terrestrials” circus show.

The day started off like any other day at Isha Home School. It was the afternoon announcement that had us quite puzzled. Arpita Akka had called a meeting for all the middle-schoolers. As we settled down in the room, Akka started talking to us rather casually, as though there was nothing interesting to discuss. This only added to our confusion. Halfway through her chat, she suddenly announced with a great flourish that we, the Middle School, along with Junior School, would be going in to town to watch a circus show called “The Extra Terrestrials.”


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The cheers and screams that followed this announcement brought the house down! We were all so excited and overjoyed that we chatted the whole way there – two hours of non-stop chatter! People started to doze off as we neared the venue probably because they had worn themselves out with all that enthusiasm.

As we entered the hall, the whispering started again as we eagerly waited for the show to begin. The first performance was a gymnastic wonder! Four extremely strong men contorted their bodies to form various shapes and forms. I couldn't believe my eyes! None of them struggled or moved any part of their body while balancing the others.

Next came the juggler who was just fifteen years old. He started off with one juggling ball and soon there were so many up in the air that we lost count! He even balanced a ball on his nose while juggling the rest. I was really amazed by the precision he displayed.

A lady called Emily performed stunning aerial acrobatics in mid-air while suspended by a long silk fabric. I've seen this kind of acrobatics in movies but I always thought they did everything on the ground and just make it seem as though they are suspended. But when I saw it with my own eyes, I was thrilled!

Each performance continued to awe and impress me. It was quite an experience to see people make, what we consider to be impossible, such a reality.

–   Vaibhavi, Grade 7