It has always been a joy to be part of program volunteering. It allows me to push myself in terms of going beyond my likes and dislikes, and to see all the limitations I have created within myself.

The moment I heard about the possibility of becoming a program organizer in the Isha Yoga Center, I knew this is what I needed for my spiritual growth. Without hesitation, I consulted the concerned person and soon the training started.

I have now been organizing programs for the past fifteen months. To be an organizer requires full involvement with volunteers and participants. While it can be easy to get lost in the vast program-related activities, the most important part is ensuring I remain conscious of how I am within myself. I am able to enhance my level of awareness, better manage whatever is required, and see where I can do better so that each and everyone, including myself, has a beautiful experience in the process. It has been a tremendous self-transforming ride.

It is a great privilege, and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. Just being able to see where I stand is in itself a doorway for me to realize what I need to work upon for my personal spiritual growth. If asked whether I would want to do this for my entire life – for sure I would!

– Vishaly (Organizing Ishanga)


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