Being on this path is the biggest privilege and blessing, and a dream life that is beyond my wildest dreams. For the very first time in my life I have consciously experienced what it means to be in the Grace of a Guru, which is a dimension that had long been ignored or denied by my logical mind before I met Isha.

When I returned home after the first 48 days of Ishanga training, to my surprise, my Mom has become very calm and peaceful like never before and treated me like a different person, although I didn’t notice much difference in me. I had not done anything about it and I had hardly found time to even talk to her during the tight and intense training schedule. While in classes, everything seemed to be functioning on a higher pitch of intensity and no matter what kind of challenge I faced, in the end things just fell into place, and there was always a certain sweetness that I could feel behind it.

I can funciton well with less food and sleep, and be more conscious about the way I am. Above all, the most fulfilling part is to witness the kind of transformation in the participants day by day, which is also the most humbling, because it is so obvious that something far far bigger than what I can know so far is there to make all this happen. And it’s so overwhelming even to just think about it. The more I stand there as a teacher, a hand of Him, the more I feel like a student because every time there is something new to learn and experience. I see more of my limitations, which makes me often wonder whether I really deserve this.

~ Lushi (Inner Engineering Ishanga)


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