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Inner Engineering has been designed by Sadhguru to empower each individual with the tools to create their life the way they want it. Unaffiliated with any religion or creed, this technology for wellbeing has helped millions across the world live a more joyful, balanced and healthy life.

In these challenging times, doctors have become the frontline soldiers in a global effort to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. So what better way to support these valiant COVID Warriors than offering them Inner Engineering Online, for free? Here, a few doctors share their experience of the powerful 7-session course.

Reviews from Doctors

A Deep Understanding About Life - Dr Sagar Goyal, AIIMS, New Delhi

"Inner Engineering Online came in at just the right time for me. Just hearing Sadhguru speak about life's basic truths and the human mind can give anyone a deep understanding about life itself. Everyone will be able to recognize the immense potential they possess to change the course of their life to what they want, and with utmost grace and happiness!" 

Joy has Become a Constant Companion - Dr Ravi, Neurologist, KGMC Lucknow



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“I have become more focused, attentive and calm after Inner Engineering Online. Earlier, day-to-day activities used to cause irritation and frustration within me, which has reduced remarkably now. Joy has become a constant companion. My family noticed many positive changes in my personality. I shall always be grateful to Isha volunteers who first introduced me to Inner Engineering Online.” 

I Am More Pleasant and Composed - Dr Kavita Jain


“Being a doctor by profession, the job can be very challenging and whenever I used to go for surgery, I had an adrenaline rush thinking about the complications that can happen. But now, nothing like this comes to my mind. I am more pleasant and composed. I have overcome many emotional, psychological and body-related problems. I am able to solve whatever issues come up in life.” 

A Process and Transformation Which Leads You to Healthy, Blissful and Joyful Life - Dr Vikas Sharma, Eye Surgeon, New Delhi 


"I did my Inner Engineering Online 6 months ago. I did not expect any miracle to happen but if I share the truth of what has happened, it is no less than a miracle. As a doctor, in just 6 months’ time, there is a dramatic change in my lifestyle. A few issues like frequent headaches, altered sleep patterns, workplace challenges and acidity, all these things are decreased by a considerable amount. There is drastic improvement in sleep patterns. 

As a surgeon, I have to sit long hours and do surgeries, so my back had started hurting. I also went through many investigations like MRI and nerve compression is always there. During Inner Engineering Online, they guided me to sit in a particular posture. Now my spine doesn’t hurt anymore. 

Doing this program has made me much more calm, more peaceful and more focused and empathetic. In this global pandemic, where frontliners like us need to be strong physically as well as mentally, I can surely say that Inner Engineering Online has given me that confidence to treat my patients gracefully, as well as keep myself healthy. Lastly, I would like to say that it is not just an experiment or experience, it is a process and a transformation which leads you to a healthy, blissful and joyful life.” 

Inner Engineering is my PPE - Dr Amita Vyas


“I am a doctor by profession and going to the hospital every day, unknowingly exposes us to many infections. Even family members stay worried for me and I am also worried for them. But my daily Inner Engineering practice keeps me up and I feel this works like a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for me. I see many healthcare workers in too much stress and anxiety. I am able to manage myself just because of my daily practices. Simha Kriya is deeply relaxing and now this online guided session by Sadhguru is just awesome. This was much needed in this challenging situation. I bow down to Sadhguru for this wonderful support and am thankful to all volunteers for making this happen.” 

It Boosted and Calmed My Mind to Work More Patiently - Dr. Lisa Madhu Tarei, MBBS (JR), Govt. Medical College, Odisha) 


“I did my Inner Engineering course online in this crisis time amidst all the chaos. It is easily accessible online and I did it from the Sadhguru app. It helped me a lot in combating my anxiety and stress. My energy levels and enthusiasm for work and life both increased tremendously. It is quite effective in this crisis time and as it is provided absolutely free of cost for healthcare workers when I took the course, this made it easily accessible and helpful at the same time. It boosted up mind and body to work more patiently, calming my mind to a great extent. Great initiative by Isha Foundation. I am so grateful for this!”. 

Editor's Note:  Inner Engineering Online, a 7-session online course designed by Sadhguru, has been a game-changer for millions of people, helping them take charge of their mind, body, and emotions. Offered at 20% discount for challenging times. Applicable only in India.

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