Sadhguru’s life mission, entrusted to him by his Guru, was to consecrate the Dhyanalinga. This was no mean task – it was hardcore mysticism, a process that could only be accomplished by a yogi of the highest order. Sadhguru was well aware that the consecration process could claim his own life, and was ready to make that sacrifice.

Fortunately, Sadhguru is still among us, but not without the consecration leaving a mark on him. Marabin Mainthan Muthiah – the well-known Tamil orator, writer, poet and an Isha meditator – shares his experience below, which gives a small glimpse into the toll Sadhguru had to pay to offer Dhyanalinga to the world.

24th June 1999, Sadhguru had announced, was the day on which the Dhyanalinga consecration was to be completed. During the process, all the participants, except for a few, were asked to sit with their backs towards the Linga. After midnight, when the consecration was over, Sadhguru embraced the Linga. And then, he fainted. Only a few had a glimpse of Sadhguru being lifted out by a few ashram residents.

The news of the successful consecration spread among the Isha meditators, and hundreds thronged to the ashram the next day. I reached the ashram at about 8:30 am. The mood was joyous and celebratory. We were eagerly waiting to hear Sadhguru say something about the consecration. None of us really understood or imagined the seriousness of the situation.

Then we saw a familiar car approaching the ground, but it was not being driven by its beloved driver. Sadhguru was sitting beside the driver’s seat. That confused us a bit. Sadhguru alighted from the car with the support of two ashram residents. We became anxious at the sight of Sadhguru not being able to walk on his own. This was something many of us had never witnessed before. There was a complete and uneasy silence.

Sadhguru sat on the stone under the usual tree, with folded hands; he looked at all of us, from one side of the gathering to the other. This simple gesture triggered a burst of cries among the meditators. Nearly all had tears in their eyes, and many were bursting into tears. They were soon asked to calm down and Sadhguru’s message was read:

I wish to tell you that the Lingam consecration has happened in the best possible way and I acknowledge all the wonderful people who have given themselves in so many ways. I bow down to all of you for fulfilling my Guru’s will. My gratitude and grace is always with you.

My indisposition will be only for a short while.


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Love & Blessings,

It was announced that there would be three continuous days of Aum Namah Shivaya chanting at the Dhyanalinga. People chanted in shifts of 3-4 hours, and it went on non-stop for 72 hours. Though we were ecstatic about the Dhyanalinga consecration, a deep concern about Sadhguru’s condition was looming large among us.

The chanting was to conclude at 12 noon on June 27. Arrangements were being made for Guru Pooja. All of us particularly noted the unusual presence of a small chair next to the entrance. So far, we had seen Sadhguru always sitting in vajrasana and performing Guru Pooja. So the presence of this chair, instead of the familiar cushion which he used to sit on, added to our agony. For us, Sadhguru had always been a very active person – the speed with which he walked up the mountains, the ease with which he played volleyball, the alacrity with which he caught a frisbee were what we knew of his physical prowess. This was all too strange and painful for us.

Everybody was looking anxiously at the entrance, and there was tremendous fear and uncertainty among us.

And then, there we saw him… Sadhguru, in his usual majestic, composed and steady walk, entering the dome. The scene is so vividly etched in my mind. We were so happy that there arose a roar of applause out of the silence of the space. We forgot we were in Dhyanalinga, we forgot we were supposed to be silent. Seeing Sadhguru walking on his own was an overwhelmingly happy moment for us. Tears of joy didn’t spare any of our cheeks. That was the real consecration day for me.

– Translation of an Excerpt from “Dhyanalingam Meignanathin Vagnanan” (Dhynalingam, the science of spirituality) by Marabin Mainthan Muthiah.

“You are my Guru’s will”

Below is a poem written by Sadhguru after the consecration of Dhyanalinga:


You are my Guru's will
My only obsession
In my dreams and my wakefulness
My only longing was to fulfill you

Willing to do anything
That men should and should not
Willing to offer myself and
Another hundred lives if need be

Here now that you have happened
O' Glorious One
May your Glory and Grace
Stir the sleeping hordes
Into wakefulness and light

Now that you have happened
And the gift of life still with me
What shall I do with myself

Have lived the peaks for too long
Time to graze the valleys of life.

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