Day one of the Yogeshwar Linga consecration included powerful chants and mystical processes led by Sadhguru. He also offered insight into the energetic nature of the linga and it’s future significance to seekers visiting Adiyogi at Isha Yoga Center.

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9:30 pm, Feb 21: Behind the Scenes

From within and outside of Adiyogi Alayam, a continuous buzz of activity has been ongoing as volunteers and others tirelessly offer their support not just for the consecration program, but also for the upcoming Mahashivratri. During breaks, many volunteers run between serving meals and rehearsing for Mahashivratri offerings, while others prepare the Mahashivratri grounds to welcome the more than 1 lakh expected attendees. Below, a few of them take a moment to share with us.

Playing a Part

“Despite being a volunteer full-time for a number of years, I have never volunteered for such a large and intense program. The fact that I can be a part of such a significant event is incredible. I am witnessing people becoming so touched by the process and intensity of what is happening right now. Sadhguru had spoken about wanting to ensure that we all experience this. I feel like people are involving themselves and pushing beyond their comfort zones not only to make this happen for themselves, but also to be a part of the offering of this Linga to the entire world for future generations to experience.” - Hall Volunteer

Ready to Learn

“I have come from Kerala, and I was never interested in Yoga before coming here. For the past 25 days, I have been working on the audio set up for Mahashivaratri. As part of this, I have been interacting with many people from the ashram, and other Isha volunteers. Since the company that I work for is one of the best event management companies, I have worked on many large-scale projects before, but the atmosphere here is totally different. I can clearly see and feel how peaceful and joyful the people here are. I am seeing so many people from countries around the world coming here to learn yoga, yet here I am already in India and I am not learning this. I am now so attracted to Yoga, and soon after the Mahashivratri project is over, I will definitely enroll in one of Isha’s programs.” - Tomcy Thomas, works with Roger Drego at Kerala

*Editor’s Note: Roger Drego, the audio company for which Mr. Thomas works, has offered their expert services to Isha free of charge in support of the Mahashivratri event.

It All Comes Together


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“I am a professional actor working in Kolkata and I have been here at Isha for 10 days. My first assignment was to help compile data to make the passes required by various departments for the Mahashivratri night. Every department was sending me information on their activity. I was so amazed at how many different types of activities were happening to around Mahashivratri. None were aware of each other, but yet all were so connected with each other and working together.

In the outside world, people plan a lot and want to do things to perfection, but the moment it doesn’t happen the way they want, they freak out. Here, people may look quite unprepared in comparison, but really they are prepared for anything that may happen. They will never freak out, no matter what comes their way. People outside have confusion of a different type. Here, there may be total confusion, yet people seem to know exactly what needs to be done, and all the parts just come together. It all works together like the parts of a larger organism. Everybody is in their own sphere simply doing their best.” - Shounak Mukherjee, Yoga Veera

3:55 pm, Feb 21: Experiencing the Linga

“At the close of the previous night’s session, Sadhguru made a promise that ‘we will explore certain dimensions of what the Yogeshwar Linga means as experientially as possible tomorrow.’

Keeping to this, today’s sessions have been filled with explosive processes, ensuring that not a single person within the space could miss the incredible energy form being born before our eyes.

Lacking Sadhguru’s mystical perception, we merely watch in awe as he touches here, feels there, senses so many things which are well beyond our grasp. Each offering made, each precise action seems to be guided by a knowledge from some other realm, a realm to which we can only strive to gain access.” - Volunteer Sharing

1:05 pm, Feb 21:

Imbibing the Divine

How to put into words that which tongues cannot tell?
Is the essence of the Divine to be heard in the beat of a drum
or glimpsed in the depth of a burning flame?
Does it spill out like water from a copper vessel
or blossom like a jasmine?
Can it be inhaled
or simply imbibed?

Listen along to the sounds of consecration - Rudrashtakam performed by Sounds of Isha extols the many virtues of Shiva. Listen and read the full meaning here.

10:59 am, Feb 21

Adiguruve chanted by Isha Samskriti

10:30 am, Feb 21

The morning of day two dawns, and participants gather for breakfast and then flock to Adiyogi Alayam, eagerly wondering, what is in store today? Follow along with us as the process unfolds...

10:15 am, Feb 21: What is the Use?

Before the morning session begins, students of Isha Samskriti chant Kalabhairavashtakam, which speaks of Shiva’s most fearsome form, Kalabhairava. Learn the significance of this aspect of Shiva.

Listen to the Chant: Kalabhairavashtakam

Following this, Guru Ashtakam is chanted. Guru Ashtakam is a composition by Adi Shankara which asks the listener, whether wealth, family, honor - what is the use of any of these if one is not devoted to the lotus feet of the Guru?