Memory, Consciousness, and Coma

On this Spot, Sadhguru shares a video clip from his recent conversation with medical scientists on “Memory, Consciousness, and Coma.” Also, scroll through the photos from the event at Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre on 14 May 2018. In the video, Emery N. Brown, MD, PhD, Professor of Anesthesia and Computational Neuroscience; Nicholas D. Schiff, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology and Neurosciences, and Sadhguru explore what actually happens under anesthesia to brain, mind, and consciousness. Sadhguru throws light on jagrati/wakefulness and offers a deeper and wider definition of consciousness or turiya, from his own experiential yogic perspective.
Memory, Consciousness, and Coma


Photos from the event at Harvard University

Prof. Emery N. Brown, Prof. Nicholas D. Schiff, and Sadhguru in conversation at Harvard University
One of the young members of the audience greets Sadhguru
The venue: Sanders Theatre at Harvard University
The Sanders Theatre is renowned for its acoustics
Prof. of Anesthesia Emery N. Brown, MD, PhD and Prof. of Neurology Nicholas D. Schiff, MD, PhD are distinguished scientists in their fields
The audience reflected the rich diversity of the scientific community at Harvard
The title of the conversation between the medical scientists and Sadhguru was "Memory, Consciousness, and Coma"
"We do not look at the brain as a very significant aspect because we see intelligence is right across the system," Sadhguru said.
Seeking the experts' insights on an existential matter
The likes of Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King Jr. have spoken here
The scheduled time is up but there is still so much to explore
Enthusiastic members of the audience gather around Sadhguru after the talk
Even the youngest get to take part in their own ways
Outside Harvard University's Memorial Hall with its imposing High Victorian Gothic architecture
Prof. Emery Brown and Sadhguru continue their discussion even after the official event is over