Dhyanalinga at 11 Degrees

In this week's Spot, Sadhguru reveals the spiritual significance of being 11 degrees latitude from the equator, which is the location of the Isha Yoga Center. "This is a very advantageous position for one who is longing to raise his energies to its highest pitch. Practically, we are sitting right on 11." Sadhguru then outlines the scientific elements of being at this latitude and its benefits. Enjoy!

11 டிகிரியில் தியானலிங்கம்

In the yogic system, we hold the space from the equator up to 33 degrees latitude as sacred, both ways. But south of the equator, there is not much land, so we are largely concerned with the northern hemisphere. And in this, 11 degrees is the most important thing. As you go away from it, it recedes. Why this is so is – the planet is moving in an anticlockwise direction. Anything that spins creates a certain force which is called the ‘centrifugal’ force. It is happening in so many ways. One most common experience that people may be exposed to, particularly in Coimbatore, is the centrifugal pumps. All over India, Asia and Africa you will see 'Made-in-Coimbatore' centrifugal pumps.

The pump is essentially working because it spins at a certain speed, because it generates a centrifugal force; with that it lifts water from the wells. You have heard of power generation called 'centrifuge'. So power is generated. Motors are running on centrifugal. So is the planet itself, because it is spinning, it creates a centrifugal force which is at its highest level at 11 degrees latitude, and up to 33 it is in a good place.

What is the significance of this centrifugal force? Everything is trying to go out. You need to understand -  sitting or standing on this planet means the centrifugal force is working on you in a certain way. From 0 to 33, it is largely working in a vertical manner in your system, and particularly at 11 degrees it is 100% vertical within you. That is, if we hold you by your feet and spin you around you will feel a big rush in your head because the centrifugal force will take the blood and also the energy in that direction. This is happening to you if you stand on this planet between 0 to 33; it is at its highest at 11 degrees.

This is a very advantageous position for one who is longing to raise his energies to its highest pitch.

This is a very advantageous position for one who is longing to raise his energies to its highest pitch. Practically, we are sitting right on 11°. We didn’t plan this. This is why I have a partner who takes care of all these things. He has never failed me. This is the advantage of surrendering who you are to a larger possibility. If you work with your own intelligence, you will be too concerned about which land to acquire. You would be looking at roads, the facilities, the price, availability and other things. When you surrender yourself to a higher intelligence, you just go and simply do it, and it will be dead on.  And I realized only yesterday that we are on 11° latitude. This is not me. We did not calculate these things, we did not seek land according to this, but it is right there. This is how life functions for those who give themselves up for a larger force. If you go by your own intelligence, only petty things can happen because whatever you may be, whatever you have in your head is too small compared to the nature of the cosmos.

At 11 degrees, when the planet is spinning, you are dead vertical. Your energies are shooting straight up because of the centrifugal force. If you just manage to keep your head straight and sit, it is naturally being pushed up at this place. There are any number of places along eleven degrees across the planet; but not everywhere have the focus, the necessary energy and intention been created.  I want to check out how many strong spiritual places there are on 11 degrees latitude.

So here we are at 11 degrees...

Love & Grace

Correction : Due apologies for the factual error in the above post. The correct latitude of the US center in Tennessee is not 33 degrees, but 35.5 degrees. Thank you for pointing out the error in the comments , it has been corrected.