Adiyogi – A Liberating Force

On this Spot, Sadhguru writes about the consecration of the Yogeshwar Linga and the consecration of Adiyogi on Mahashivratri. He says, “Adiyogi is here to liberate you from disease, discomfort, and poverty – above all, from the very process of life and death.”
Adiyogi – A Liberating Force

ఆదియోగి – ముక్తిని ప్రసాదించే శక్తి
ஆதியோகி – முக்திதரும் சக்தி

Mahashivratri has always been a grand celebration for us at the Isha Yoga Center, but the upcoming one on 24 February, with the consecration of the hundred and twelve feet tall face of Adiyogi, is going to stand out, literally. With just about five weeks to go until the event, his glorious face is already beginning to draw attention. Naturally, the question arises why we are creating such a large face of Adiyogi, and if it is just for aesthetics. If you look at the image of Adiyogi, definitely there is a geometric aesthetic to it. There is no aesthetic appeal without geometric perfection – in anything, for that matter. The face of Adiyogi is not just for aesthetics – it has a geometric significance. Next to Adiyogi, there will be the Yogeshwar Linga, which we are going to consecrate in the days leading up to Mahashivratri. Through the presence of the linga, Adiyogi will become more powerful by the day. Since he has the appropriate geometric features, he will gather the best of this energy. If you maintain a geometrically correct posture, you too can gather the best. This is what yoga is about.

During the consecration, you will see how a physical object will become a living force.

This face of Adiyogi will be an iconic presence to orient the world towards their liberation. Adiyogi is a reminder for humanity to shift from religion to responsibility. When it comes to the outside world, we try to conduct everything in a scientific manner, with as much understanding as possible, using specific technologies and tools. But when it comes to inner wellbeing, people think it is all fixed in heaven. This reflects in different areas of our personal lives. For a long time, people used to think that marriages were made in heaven, or that the stars and planets decide the course of a marriage. Only recently, they have begun to realize that a relationship will work only if you conduct it responsibly and behave sensibly. Neither health nor peace nor joy is made in heaven, but within you. If you approach it with the right level of understanding, that is called science. If you develop tools to deal with it, that is called technology. We call this Inner Engineering. Adiyogi’s magnificent face is going to represent this science and technology for inner wellbeing.

We are also going to bring out a book on Adiyogi, which describes the science that he offered and its significance. We want to make sure that in the next ten to fifteen years’ time, the entire world will move from looking up to looking inward for their wellbeing. Inward is the only place where you can fix your wellbeing. I invite all of you to be a part of this, in whatever capacity you can. We are equipped like never before in the history of humanity to reach out to a large part of the population, and teach them how to turn inward and handle their wellbeing from within, rather than depending on the outside for support. From 20 to 23 February, we will consecrate the Yogeshwar Linga, and on Mahashivratri the Adiyogi face. We will energize the linga in such a way that what was just a lump of material will reverberate immensely, in a matter of three to four days. We will set up processes for you to develop the necessary sensitivity to clearly experience this. You will distinctly see how a consecrated form can change the whole atmosphere around it. Based on this possibility, all deities in this culture were made at one time.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – not just in terms of experiencing the consecration but also in terms of making it happen.

There are thirty-three million gods and goddesses in India, because we understood the technology of god-making. We created a form with geometric perfection, energized it in a certain way, and devised methods to access it. The formless energy that we refer to as Shiva can manifest itself in many ways. This reflects in the many different forms in which Shiva is represented, such as Nataraja, a dancer; Vaideeshwara, a doctor; Dakshinamurti, a teacher; or Bhairava, a remover of fear. These are all manifestations of the same energy. In this culture, consecrations are done to serve specific requirements. Adiyogi is here to liberate you from disease, discomfort, and poverty – above all, from the very process of life and death. We will consecrate Adiyogi as Yogeshwar, a perfect yogi. Yogeshwar is essentially about liberation. That is why we put him a little outside the Isha Yoga Center. He will have the necessary space and freedom to function whichever way he wants. The form of Adiyogi will leave an imprint on your consciousness. No matter where you go, his face will stick with you in such a way that you will turn inward. This is about transformation beyond thought and emotion.

This consecration will be very different from almost anything we have done before. Only the Dhyanalinga consecration was similar in nature, except that it was far more complex. This consecration will be much simpler, but both Dhyanalinga and Yogeshwar are focused towards liberation. Generally, most human beings, though they seek liberation, are tending to get entangled with something or the other. Their psychological state and social conditioning are such that they think only in binding themselves will they be safe. We want to change this in the world. It is not by bondage that you are safe. Only when you are free are you safe. But for a fearful mind, freedom may look scary, because you do not know what to hold on to. If you are not balanced, you need to hold on to something. If you are in perfect balance, you do not feel like holding on to anything. Those who are agile are not holding the walls as they walk – only the infirm do. We want to create a world that is full of life that is agile, balanced, and stable. Once there is no need in you to hold on to something and build bondage, your natural aspiration will be liberation.

We are preparing for the future of the world. As many old structures that we have thrived on till now will collapse in the coming decades, the longing for liberation will rise. Adiyogi will be a very important tool for those who are striving to liberate themselves. Adiyogi is a presence that people cannot miss – the greatest face on the planet. Greatest not in comparison to anything else but because of the possibility that it opens up. This is a fantastic gateway for those who are seeking liberation. Liberation from anything that binds you – this will be the nature of the linga. Adiyogi’s iconic presence will inspire millions of people across the planet. We want to make the hundred and twelve ways in which you can reach your ultimate nature available to the entire humanity. We will deliver them in the simplest possible way, in today’s terms, using modern technology. If we successfully pull it off, we will have a better world. During the consecration, you will see how a physical object will become a living force.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – not just in terms of experiencing the consecration but also in terms of making it happen. I want all of you to be a part of it.

Love & Grace