Akash – The Larger Intelligence

Ever wondered why life seems to be going against you at every turn? Or why some people seem to have a red carpet laid out for them? Sadhguru explains that there is a certain intelligence, called akashik intelligence, which plays a role in how we go through life.

Sadhguru: To nourish the human being into a greater possibility, it is very important how the water, the air, the earth, the fire and the fifth dimension – which is the largest one, the space or akash – behave. The fundamental element is akash or the space. It is improper to call it the fifth element, because it is the element. All the other four just play upon it.

Today, modern science is recognizing there is something called as akashik[1] intelligence. That is, empty space has a certain intelligence. Whether this intelligence works for you or against you will determine the nature of your life, whether you are a blessed being or one who is going to be knocked around for the rest of your life. For no reason, some people are being hammered around by life, isn't it? For no reason, some people seem to be blessed with everything. It is not for no reason. It is your ability – either consciously or unconsciously, to be able to get the cooperation of this larger intelligence which is functioning.

Editor's Note: Sadhguru speaks about the akashik records, and explains that it is a way of accessing an eternal fount of knowing, in the non-physical dimension.


[1]Akash: space, sky

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