In this excerpt of a conversation with Vinita Bali, Sadhguru explains that how we approach the elements within us - including our food and water, and even the air we breathe - can enhance our health, stability and wellbeing.

Full Transcript:

Sadhguru: In this culture, they taught you, if you have to eat your food, first you bow down to it. You are not saying thank you to any god, okay? Please don’t do this. If at all if you want to thank the… somebody, thank that poor farmer who doesn’t eat what he grows and gives it to you (Applause). We are not thanking any gods, we are not looking up and saying thanks for the daily bread wa… whatever. We’re just bowing down to the food because we know how you treat the food, accordingly it behaves within you. Today, there is enormous amount of study, which shows… For example, water – this water (Gestures) has enormous memory. If I just as much as look at it in a certain way, its molecular composition changes, not the chemical composition but the molecular composition changes and it behaves differently. Lot of experimentation has happened about this and today, they’ve come up with something called imploding water, where some of you might have experienced this. Suppose you went to a waterfall and the water that is falling with great force, if you touch the water, it feels silky. Have you ever noticed this? Yes? If it goes down two miles and then touch it, it won’t feel like that. Only there, it feels silky because the water is imploding into itself. Now they’ve created imploding machines, you can implode the water and you feed this water to your plants. With ten percent of irrigation, you can get the same results, simply because the water is imploded. These imploding machines, which were made in UK, we are kind of getting them for the local farmers, so that the water is imploded. With minimal water ,you can grow the same crops because just changing the molecular composition changes so much.

We’ve always known this. This is why… Why do you think people go to a temple (Laughs) and they are dying for that two drops of water? Because the water is supposed to have the memory of the divine, supposed to be in touch with the deity and there is supposed to be memory and you take it and it’s supposed to work, if it… this whole science is managed properly but today, we don’t know how it is in most of the places but the possibility of changing the… how the water behaves within you, just by treating it differently. Before drinking, just bow down to the water. Don’t see it as a commodity, it’s not a commodity, it is life-making ingredient. This (Gestures) is more important than your mother, father, your children, anybody. Isn’t it so?

Participants: Yes.

Sadhguru: What is in this vessel right now? Please tell me I want you to hear that.

Vinita Bali: Yes.

Participants: Yes.

Sadhguru: Yes, because if you don’t drink it for one day, you will not want anybody (Laughter), you want only this (Referring to water). No, we ar… We are talking about the real thing (Laughter). So the five elements, if you learn to handle them properly, simple thing, whatever – the earth that you walk upon, the air that you breathe, water that you drink, food that you eat and the sky – three times a day consciously just (Gestures doing namaskar) put your hands together for these things. These are the lice… life-making ingredients, your life is made out of this. Just approach it differently, you will see your health situation, your sense of well-being, your stability, everything will be greatly enhanced. If you want to do proper practice of bhus… bhuta shuddhi, please come, we have elaborate systems of bhuta shuddhi. Probably nowhere else in the world right now these kinds of systems are offered but they will need a certain amount of preparation and absolute dedication to pursue that (Applause).