The Inner Way Programme is ‘underway’. We are in the fifth and final day of the program and it has been a joy to see so many eager seekers in search of knowing come from all over the world - Australia, the U.K., U.S., France, Israel and of course, different parts of India. During a Q&A session, one participant asked about my views on the pursuit of material wealth.

Nobody is pursuing material wealth, nor is anybody pursuing spirituality. People are only pursuing their wellbeing. Whatever your current understanding of your wellbeing is, accordingly, that is what you are pursuing. If you are running after money, you are not running after money - you are running after what you consider your wellbeing. If you are sitting and meditating – you are not running after meditation. You are also doing that in pursuit of your wellbeing. Your understanding of wellbeing may evolve at different points of your life; accordingly, that is what you pursue.

So there is no such thing as pursuit of material wealth and pursuit of spiritual wealth. You have to ask yourself: What is that wellbeing which endures? Which you will not regret? So that after pursuing it for 50 years, you will not look back and feel empty-handed? If you pay attention to the most important entity in your life – which is yourself, not your money, not your career, not your wealth, but you - your idea of wellbeing will evolve into a place that will endure.

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Inner Way

As the sun slips off our horizon
To warm and nourish other time zones
As dear darkness descends in quietness
Pushing our part of the world into dark coolness
Many a man and woman wanting a rest from toil
Industrious and boisterous, may choose to burn the night’s oil

The forest of the insects, birds and beasts come to a boil
They start their conversations in high decibel
Saying things that you would say the following day
That is all you can say, unless you know the inner way

Love and Blessings.