Thaipusam: Unleashing a Flood of Devotion

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Sadhguru's closing words at the culmination of the Thaipusam Sathsang (17 January 2014)

This land, this nation, this ancient civilization has been a source of tremendous talent and genius in the past. This talent and genius were essentially born of devotion, not of study. The greatest scientists, doctors and mathematicians were all devotees par excellence because in devotion, you become an inclusion. In inclusion, nothing is beyond you. To be a devotee means to arrive at a different dimension of perception and intelligence - to drop the petty and to invite the possibility of the Divine. A devotee does not sit on a diamond-studded throne, nor does he aspire for one. The only aspiration is to be in the lap of the Divine. This aspiration is not a desire to go somewhere; it is only in changing one’s fundamental perception of all creation that one will arrive upon the lap of the Divine. Devotion is a tremendous tool to break all limitations within oneself - the limitations of psychological boundaries, emotional restrictions and karmic restrictions. If there is a flood of devotion, it will carry one across these boundaries effortlessly.

It is common for human curiosity and intelligence to see something, like three flowers arranged properly, and want to know who did this. If you see a work of art, you would like to know who did it. If you see a beautiful child, you would like to know who the parents are. But it is incredible that when a masterpiece of creation is here, very few people ask the question, “Who is the Creator?” Of course, people have readymade answers. Devotion is not a readymade answer. Devotion is a device to get to it. Devotion is not a deduction that one makes. Devotion is a way to rise beyond all deductions. Devotion is a way to create a flood which will carry you beyond all limitations and possibilities of restriction in experience.

If you have given yourself over during these twenty-one days, you have not only purified yourself, but all spaces around you.

If you have given yourself over during these twenty-one days, you have not only purified yourself, but all spaces around you. The nation and the world will immensely benefit from this. And devotion is not a twenty-one day chore. You must continue to overflow with it on a daily basis. It is not something that you do or do not do; it is something that you live. It is like your breath. If the grace of Bhairavi, if her footprint is established in your heart, you never have to worry about victory or failure, prosperity or poverty, life or death for that matter. One who manages to land in the lap of the Creator, one who manages to land in the lap of the Divine, for such a person, all these things are just trivial, they are of no consequence. May this process that you have started truly overwhelm you.

The symbol of Tamil Nadu is a temple because this land has been so steeped in devotion that wherever you went, it always felt like a temple. Devotion was the main piece of people’s life here. First, they built grand temples, then their own habitation as just hutments. They strived for two or three generations to build a magnificent temple, but they themselves lived in huts and shacks. They did not care because the important thing was to create that grace and make everybody a part of that.

It is once again time we do this to this land. Please make this happen for yourself and for as many people as possible because we need a wave of devotion. Without devotion, blissfulness is a hard task to bring about. It will take too much work. But with devotion, blissfulness can be very easily brought forth. If you soak this land and the people with devotion, to make the people blissful is not far away – it is simple. It will simply happen because a heart that is devout is fertile. It will definitely bear blissfulness. Please make it happen for yourself and everybody around you.

Love & Grace