If You Close Your Eyes…

In this week’s Spot, a seeker asks about seeing visions when one's eyes are closed. Sadhguru stresses the importance of maintaining balance and stability. “If your mind becomes that stable, then if you see something beyond what your two eyes can see, that is called a vision; otherwise it will become madness.” Enjoy!

Questioner: Dear Sadhguru, For years now, I have had several profound spiritual experiences. I see things when I close my eyes.

Sadhguru: Are angels visiting you (Laughter)?

Questioner: No, nothing like that…

Sadhguru: Only devils (Laughter)?

Questioner: No, like the energetic outlines of things, or faces. I have no control over what I am seeing.

Sadhguru: The nature of your mind is such that it can make you see anything you want. It is a tremendous instrument, and it has so many layers to it. It can make you see things that you cannot imagine consciously because the imprints are there. So, before you enter into any dimension of experience, which goes beyond what is physically around us, it is very important that you create a good foundation for your mind; that the logical dimension of the mind - your intellect - is sitting on a stable foundation.

If you close your eyes, the world should disappear.

If you seek experiences, then without your intellect sitting on a stable foundation, you will lose your mental balance, and after that, there is no stopping you. You can imagine all kinds of things. Imagination is more powerful than reality, do you understand? If you have been ever exposed to anybody who is in some kind of a pathological state, their imagination is far more powerful than the living reality. If you open your eyes, what you see is not as bright and clear as what you see with your eyes closed.

Fundamentally, you have eyelids - that is, if you close your eyes, you should not see anything. Just try this and see. For me, if I close my eyes, the world is gone; it does not exist. That is the idea. If you close your eyes, the world should disappear. If you close your eyes and see this world or another world, then something mushy is happening in this complicated mechanism called the mind. So, the first sadhana for anyone is that when they close their eyes, they should not see anything at all. If your mind becomes that stable, then if you see something beyond what your two eyes can see, that is called a vision; otherwise it will become madness.

Please understand this, the line between sanity and insanity is extremely thin. Anyone who is perfectly sane can push themselves hard for three days and easily become insane because the line is so thin, anybody can lose it if they strive in that direction. This is why - always, always, always - we have been putting down any experience anyone says they have. Even when I see it is true, I will put it down because it is not necessary; it will not serve any purpose. Suppose you saw something hanging from a tree. Maybe it is intriguing, but what purpose does it serve? It does not serve the purpose of your growth and wellbeing.

If your mind becomes that stable, then if you see something beyond what your two eyes can see, that is called a vision; otherwise it will become madness.

So, do not seek experiences. The first and foremost thing is to stabilize this body and this mind. If it is stable, then if god comes, you can simply look. If the devil comes, you can simply look, if an angel comes, you can simply look. If it becomes so stable that you are capable of ignoring the angels, gods, devils, ghosts, then it is all right to see. Otherwise, it is best to see what you are supposed to see with your two eyes. I do not want to debate whether you saw something or not, I am saying you must stabilize your body and your mind to such a point that if you close your eyes, the world should be obliterated. If that is not there, you must not see anything. First, make use of the eyelids. The purpose of the eyelid is if you close it, the world should disappear. If you plug your ears, you should not hear anything.

Do not think you are advancing in the spiritual process because you close your eyes and see things, or you plug your ears and hear things, or you shut your mouth and are still speaking. This means you are losing control over a fantastic faculty called the mind. This fantastic faculty can be fatal if it goes out of control.

All your inner experiences and visions, particularly visions, leave it to me. Leaving it to me means you will not analyze, judge, share or even mull over it. JUST LEAVE IT TO ME. My only interest is you evolve and blossom. If you want to explore, not just realize, then you must work closely with me. That will be a successful possibility only when you keep all your choices of like and dislike aside, and above all, work upon your balance and stability.

Love & Grace

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5 years ago

I somewhat disagree with this. No hard feelings. Its just my individual opinion. When the eyelids are closed its not that you should not see anything, in fact when your eyelids are down you are one super power. You are more powerful than you are in the real world. They say when you close your eyes and relax your are in hands of sub conscious and your sub conscious is what your conscious is. So be clean and positive with your conscious and you will come out clean with your sub conscious. And ultimately closing of your eyelids will lead you to the power of INFINITY.

5 years ago

i don't know , i just loved this article . Hail Sadhguru

5 years ago

on doing our sadhana regularly all these questions on true,false visions and hallucinations will drop....

5 years ago

Pranams Sadhguru,
Not to Mull, analyze, judge or boast childishly of some vision which we wont understand, but to peep into the creators work, to understand the critical, complex mechanism that is creation, to enjoy and explore the creation, which is like touching the feet of creator himself in another realm, when the whole lot of creation which is magnificent, splendid, beautiful, sophisticated, complicated yet perfectly works, we walk throught it or we are it and knowing that passing away like just a meat is little painful. What should be done to explore the creation. Pranams.

5 years ago

previously used to have various visions,colors and what not, but after doing sadhana given by sadhguru, not getting those experiences...now got an answer....Gratitude sadhguru...
Got reminded of famous quote "Kill the buddha on the road"

5 years ago

In many videos one can find Sadhguru saying that "Suppose if i say that there IS God, you may believe me or disbelieve me, but you are not an inch closer to reality because you yourself has not experienced it...". So in order to experience anything one has to experience it by oneself, can't leave it on someone, particularly in case of spirituality.

Now he is saying in this article "All your inner experiences and visions, particularly visions, leave it to me. Leaving it to me means you will not analyze, judge, share or even mull over it. JUST LEAVE IT TO ME."

Are these two not contradictory to each other?

5 years ago

According to sadhguru, If your mind is stable without any thoughts but is fully conscious then if you experience visions which are said to be TRUE... Just practice looking at some thing like leaf, flower etc, if you can focus your vision and thoughts for atleast 2mins (you shouldn't even have count of time in your mind) then you will experience something beautiful.. :)

5 years ago

I think he talks about the inner experience that may come after bringing the mind and body to the state of "shunya", in the form of an explosion which is not relevant to this world or can be imagined within the realm of what we have read or experienced externally. Anything that may look magical in between need not be mulled upon. But then it's going to be tough to reach that state with our intellect intervening and influencing us all the time. I think that's the point. Hence Mr Vivek, I feel both are not contradictory.

5 years ago

Over active minds leads to being kidnapped by it.You live in make-belive world totally worth less & great loss of time towards progress

5 years ago

You have to understand this in appropriate sense, Sadhguru is saying NOT to get diverted for small experiences, whenever you are having such experiences he will be make sure that you will not get stuck to them, which allows you to experience much deeper.... :)

5 years ago

Faith and trust are a wonderful stabilizer. Loving yourself enough to allow these two things to grow can only be done when you are present. Love your wisdom Sadhguru. Love The Wisdom:)

5 years ago

Thank You

5 years ago

Wow..Just loved this article..will bookmark this article.

5 years ago

Thanks for your reply.

Do small experiences not eventually lead to big experience? Or, Do small experiences not parts of a big experience?

5 years ago

No sir, actually when you have such a confusion then probably its hallucination, when you are meditative your mind would be very alert, you will know your body and some extent of your mind and energy body are 3 different entities. Otherwise if you are only getting felings kindly ignore as Sadhguru mentioned.

5 years ago

"JUST LEAVE IT TO ME" - here it means, don't delve and
lose yourselves in it. Many people have hallucinations some might get real
vision but they will drop meditation and start looking for vision again. One
who gets vision and keeps himself open for more without trying to see will
continue meditating. if you can completely meditate have true visions and pass on without sticking are good or you think you have a vision which might be or might not be, so LEAVE IT TO ME...

4 years 9 months ago


5 years ago

Thanks for your reply!

IMHO meditation, true vision, false vision, hallucinations etc. these are something which are often very hard to distinguish and understand without regular practice and going deep.

Then how to recognize what is false vision and is to be left on him, and what is true vision that need to be continued with?

5 years ago

Beautiful message..... close eye lids and one should not see anything.....