A day in Singapore and being at the F1 race was a break from the merciless schedule of the previous week. These incredible machines are a treat to watch. The sound and fury of this sport can set your heart on fire. This time around, because of new rules, the sound has been muffled a bit but the fury remains intact. Being in the Ferrari paddock was good as the smell of Italian Auto is unique, though these days the cold efficiency of the German machines dominates the race. Except for the excitement of the second car on the grid not starting, the race finished almost like the grid arrangement; Singapore track not giving room for too much adventure.

Next two days – one in Uttarakhand and one in Delhi – were packed with activity and on to USA. Big excitement here about PM Narendra Modi visit. A never before sort of reception, and he rose to the occasion and transformed a political visit into a star performance. It is wonderful to see how one man can raise the bar for a multitude of people's aspirations. The hope and expectations that he has kindled in the Indian people and also in the business world beyond needs to be fulfilled. Hope political situations will not mire him and he is successful, as the wellbeing of a large mass of people is riding upon his success. This indomitable man who has risen from the poorest of families to lead the nation is an incredible story, and hope this also becomes the story of the whole nation.

The World Peace Day celebrations at iii went off in a grand manner, except that the fireworks scheduled for the evening did not fire, preserving the peacefulness of the day.

Adi Yogi just passed through the Suez Canal and entered the Atlantic. He will be here in a couple of weeks. That is, beginning of another Saga.

Love & Blessings

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