After being through some incredible sights, smells and tastes of West Asia, here I am at the 3 “i”s - Isha Institute of Inner Sciences. Some hard-core spiritual situation here. We are at Anaadhi (THE BEGINNINGLESS), a 90-day retreat for hard-core seekers. Anaadhi is about introducing people to a completely different level of sadhana and exploration. After sifting through close to 500 applications, we arrived at a little over 200 participants.

This is quite a stretch both physically and mentally. Above all, it demands extreme discipline. This type of sadhana and exploration probably has never happened in this part of the world till now - at least not to my knowledge. It is great to see American meditators gearing up to go through this; each one of them I am sure had to sacrifice something they value to be here. The hope is to build spiritually profound people with great strength, character, commitment and above all clarity. As a part of this, we are also having a 10-day Samyama program for 400 participants - served by a little over 25 volunteers. It is very touching to see how things are being done.

It is their fortune that the Buddha Pournima happens to be during Samyama - that full moon day when Gautama attained became the basis of a spiritual wave that has left an indelible mark upon humanity.

Love and Blessings

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