Project GreenHands (PGH) is a people’s movement that has been inspiring people from all sections of the society including the corporate world. PGH has received support from many corporates through financial support, or through collaborations to establish corporate plant nurseries in company premises.

iNautix Technologies, a leading financial service provider and software company in Chennai, found a novel way to be a part of the project. For the last two months, the company, as a part of its CSR policy, sent 2,000 employees for volunteering in the PGH nursery at Chennai.

The employees were scheduled to volunteer for one full day. Awareness was created by briefing the employees about PGH and a video was shown on the project activities. The PGH nursery in-charge instructed and trained them on various activities following which they participated in filling covers, preparing a mixture of sand, soil and manure, rearrangement of saplings, and sowing seeds in mother beds. The PGH team conducted fun games at the end of the day. The Directors of the company also joined their subordinates and volunteered in the nursery activities, which was a great motivation for the employees. Inspired by PGH’s activities, the company has expressed their wish to be a part of the agro-forestry plantation in Tirunelveli next year.

iNautix Technologies and its CSR Program is a wonderful example of corporate involvement and commitment towards the community.
One of the employees shared “I felt so happy and relaxed the whole day. What a mechanical life for me every day, doing the same routine things; this experience has rejuvenated my spirits.”


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